Pristine Pearl: Delivering Quality Medicine At An Affordable Cost

Mohamed Ayoob, Managing Director

Mohamed Ayoob

Managing Director

Medication errors have been a primary concern for medical fraternities across the globe. According to multiple reports, in India, incomplete prescriptions and wrong doses are significantly causing temporary or permanent harm to the patient's health and well-being, while increasing the length of hospitalization and cost of treatment.

Pristine Pearl Pharma Pvt Ltd, a patient-centric entity, is on a mission to mitigate the daunting situation of medication error in India. Through the means of education programs, the firm gathers patients from rural areas and engages them in its CSR activities including awareness programs, while explaining the application process to ensure reduction of error.

“It is the company's unwavering commitment to bring positive changes in the lives of the people in the healthcare sector,” states Mohamed Ayoob, MD at Pristine Pearl.

India Pharma Outlook interacted with Mohamed Ayoob to know more.

The global generic drugs market is expected to reach $507.8 Billion by 2026. How do you see this market developing in India?

With several Indian pharmaceutical manufacturers expanding their operations to meet the global demand for vaccines and other Covid-related drugs during the epidemic, India was at the forefront of the global effort. Over 200 nations are now served by India's pharmaceutical exports, which are projected to reach $90 billion by 2026 and contribute roughly 18% of the growth of the global generic industry.

The rising cost of drug development along with an increasing number of drugs coming off-patent is creating new opportunities for the Indian Pharma Industry. Today, both the developed and developing countries are looking toward India for the development of cost-effective and reliable drugs in the field of cardiology, respiratory, neurology, and many more.

What are the major expectations that customers have from the players in this segment? How do you strategize to meet those?

More significantly, in the respiratory market, where patient knowledge and drug delivery methods are critical, a dearth of proper information on the application of dosage turns out to be a massive challenge. Hence, it is imperative to educate the public on the types of health complications and the treatments available.

At Pristine Pearl, we have developed certain instructional programs and demonstration services to emphasize the importance of inhalation therapy's effective use. Our programs aid the patients in effectively using the device in a self-sufficient form. In addition, Pristine Pearl is offering client support services, which will help customers with all aspects of managing the equipment.

Pristine Pearl intends to use digital marketing to raise awareness on the issue pertaining to patients' medical conditions and to link them with the appropriate doctors for treatment. Additionally, the firm is also looking forward to educating the clients about the quality of a given drug and the benefits and drawbacks that go along with them.

Tell us about the team of Pristine Pearl. How is your combined experience helping the firm to grow?

Pristine Pearl, a technocrat firm, has successfully entered into its sixth year of operation in the Indian Market. Our executive team, which has an average of 40 years of expertise in the pharmaceutical industry, deserves the credit for our success and development. Our chairman and managing director have been in this business for 45 years. Today, right from the fieldwork to the management segment, our group of experts have been in constant collaboration with the doctors & hospital to be on par with our motto to optimize care delivery.

On the flip end, our sales directors have been star-performers in major pharma companies for more than 15 years, inheriting the skills of professional management of our sales force. With the synergizing of all the Pharma exposures of the Board members, we are poised to achieve our goal to cross Rs.100 Crores turnover by 2024.

Give us a comprehensive view of the overall infrastructure at Pristine Pearl. How is the firm leveraging advanced technology and techniques in its total operations?

Currently, our products are manufactured in plants that hold accreditation from state &Union Govt, WHO,USFDA, & EU, and many other foreign approval bodies. Additionally, to verify the quality, random samples are sent to private, impartial testing facilities.

It is the company's unwavering commitment to bring positive changes in the lives of the people in the healthcare sector

Mohamed Ayoob, Managing Director

Healthcare Faculty & Development: Pristine Pearl provides health care services & updated development programs to Doctor’s Paramedics. Through this, Pristine Pearl ensures that competent knowledge and awareness reach patients.

Market Research & Development: Our market research team plays a significant role in the overall operation of the firm. Starting with conducting the market study, they also monitor new Patent laws, FDA legislation, and the process for DCGI approvals. Moreover, the team is also responsible for collecting feedback from the doctors’ hospitals, and patients – which guides us to create or provide User-friendly devices for medication. Lastly, they identify the new & unique products which would be a monopoly launch while constantly engaging with the national and international bodies to back up the product with all research materials.

Product Management Team: Product Management includes Doctors, Pharmacists, and Nutritionists, who work round the clock to provide customer service. They are responsible for dealing with customer queries, doubts, and procedures, and will be able to advise and solve any issues.

Please elaborate, what are the key points that differentiate your company from other players in this segment?

It is the company's unwavering commitment to bring positive changes in the lives of the people in the Healthcare Sector. Through Pristine Pearl’s Patient Education Program, we gather patients from rural areas and engage them in our CSR activities - including awareness programs, explaining the application process, giving them pamphlets, and others. At Pristine Pearl, our motto has always been to deliver, “Quality Medicine at an Affordable cost”.

Where do you see this market in the near future? What is the future roadmap for your Company?

India’s growth in the pharma industry is expected to reach 130 billion by 2030. Correspondingly Pristine Pearl has a vision to cross Rs.10 billion by 2030.

State-wise we have started our full operation in south India in 2022. By 2030, we are poised to have pan India coverage. In terms of the global market, in 2020 we started focusing on Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia, where we have affiliate offices. We project to expand further into the South East Asian market by 2024. Moreover, we have started Groundwork for our next market, the African continent. We expect to complete the product registration process and start exports by 2024.

Is there anything you think that the readers must know about your company?

Pristine Pearl‘s core competency lies in the respiratory segment and our continued AR&D program has been initiated to address all practical issues on drug administration. Today, we are evenly spreading our operations across all other segments. By the year 2030, we expect to have all categories of medication. With the current growth rate of Pristine Pearl, we expect to reach out to more than 50000 Doctors and 30000 Chemists across pan India. Pristine Pearl with the expected market share gain, in the Respiratory, Cardio Diabetic, and Pediatric segments, will be in the top 10 of the Indian Pharmaceutical companies list.

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