Biospecimen Solutions: Scaling Unprecedented Heights In The Indian Biotechnology Industry By Prioritizing Client-Centricity And Constant Innovation

A G Ramachandra Rao & M Venkata Sai krishna, Director, Dr. Ramya, Founder & CEO

A G Ramachandra Rao & M Venkata Sai krishna, Director

Dr. Ramya, Founder & CEO

The Indian biotechnology industry is still in its infancy period but the potential it has to grow and expand is tremendous. There are a myriad of factors which are driving the growth of the Indian biotechnology industry including the development of contemporary infrastructure facilities such as well-equipped laboratories, educational institutions offering expertise in biotechnology-related subjects, and a competent labor pool. Aside from this, the rise in the number of clinical trials being conducted in India and the relaxation in export of biospecimen has also boosted the market growth. Biospecimen Solutions is one of the leading CRO which predominantly works on retrospective and prospective samples collections. Within a short span of time, the company has been able to grow at an impressive pace leveraging its onsite experience in procurement of biospecimens.

Driven by Its Passion to Achieve Excellence

Biospecimen Solutions is one of the largest exporters of Human biospecimens from India and since it’s a new concept, there are only very few players in the market space. The company primarily deals in retrospective samples procurement and ensures‘ quality is important over quantity’ which enables it to stand out in the market. Biospecimen Solutions has extensive and qualified investigative network and tie up with hospitals or sites throughout the country which enables in identifying potential sites for its clients. Then, the company conducts a detailed analysis and evaluation of the respective site before it onboards them under its tied-up site or hospital.

Over the years, Biospecimen Solutions has been able to assemble a team of experts from various backgrounds to ensure its holistic development

A G Ramachandra Rao & M Venkata Sai krishna, Director, Dr. Ramya, Founder & CEO

Adding more about Biospecimen Solutions operations, Dr. Ramya who is the Founder & CEO of the company says, “We ensure the quality of samples are met as per the requirement of client and are collected under ICH – GCP guidelines with necessary approvals from the regulatory bodies. We further check the quality of the samples at our laboratory after which we send the samples to our clients. Timely delivery of samples and completion of projects is one of our strengths. Our team follows up with sites and investigators continuously to take regular update on the projects and check if it is on track as per the collection protocol and timelines”.

Biospecimen Solutions prioritizes on its clients/sponsors requirement so that it can offer them better services. The company’s project questionnaires covers every single detail and helps it to understand its client’s expectations better. Also, Biospecimen Solutions gives major emphasis on ensuring complete transparency with its clients and the company welcomes regular feedback in order to consistently improve its offerings. "Over the years, Biospecimen Solutions has been able to assemble a team of experts from various backgrounds to ensure the holistic development. On top of that, our company has also been able to create a unique work atmosphere which motivates our employees", mentions M Venkata Sai krishna, Director.

Talking about the company’s growth journey and future aspirations, A G Ramachandra Rao, Director, Biospecimen Solutions adds, “We started from a 10x10 office space and now we have moved to a 3000 sq ft office space. Also, we now have 30+ sponsors across four continents. We now work with major pharma and biotechnology companies throughout the world. Our next target is to enter the clinical trials markets and with more than 100+ sites in our collaboration, we want to create a niche in the clinical trials market”.



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