Mestastop Solutions: Turning Bold Ideasintoinnovative & Life Changing Reality

Dr. Arnab Roy Chowdhury, Founder & Director

Dr. Arnab Roy Chowdhury

Founder & Director

Within the medical care sector, the biotech vertical is one of the least developed ones in India. The biotech industry is still in its nascent stages with a lot of potential and need for growth. Though the government is trying to extend investments into this sector to boost growth, the requirement is much higher than what is being offered. Given the specialized nature of the sector there is also not much activity from private investors. However, that does not stop those passionate about this field from stepping up and finding solutions for some of the most pressing medical challenges in our world.

Metastasis of cancer cells is one of the most crucial health risks. In 2020, 10 million individuals died of cancer worldwide, and 90 percent of those deaths were brought on by metastasis. Mestastop Solutions is a pioneering organization diving deep into metastasis research to design and develop platforms that have the capability of identifying the risk of metastasis in cancer patients, and identify novel intervention strategies to delay metastasis.

The organization’s vision is to be ‘the metastasis specialists’, by creating a world-class R&D focused on metastasis, dissecting the complex metastasis biology for the first time ever. Mestastop focuses particularly on the undiscovered area of metastatic biology, identifying the crucial ratelimiting vital processes.

Additionally, the biotech has distinguished between the spreading tumorigenic cells and the migrating metastatic cells, spotting crucial patterns that are important from a translational perspective, which has helped the company in realizing its vision to a large extent.

Moreover, when the company was established, the founders had set out on a mission to create proprietary platforms which served specific purposes. Having created three proprietary platforms during the first two years of R&D namely METAssay, METSCAN, and METVivo, the organization has successfully achieved this and has now set itself on the path to achieving the next mission which is to utilize these platforms to address the challenges of novel drug discovery and drug repurposing around metastasis.

“We intend to identify more metastasis-specific patterns in primary tumor samples of patients, thereby building a predictive algorithm for early metastasis diagnosis. Drug discovery, drug repurposing, and diagnostics are the three main areas in which we are working. We employ genetic engineering, cellbased functional assays, real-time patient sample analysis,

Mestastop focuses particularly on the undiscovered area of metastatic biology, identifying the crucial ratelimiting vital

Dr. Arnab Roy Chowdhury, Founder & Director

Novel Platforms & Products

To understand the complexity of metastasis medication discovery and early prognostic diagnostics, Mestastop has developed three patented platforms, both in vitro and in vivo, together with patient tumour translational validation. These platforms are prepared for use in the discovery of novel drugs, drug repurposing, and profiling of current anti-cancer leads or candidates for their potential to inhibit metastasis. The company is R&D focused with the aim of helping the biotech and pharma sectors in dissecting the cancer metastasis biology useful for early predictive metastasis diagnostics and drug discovery.

“Our platform is validated with patient sample data, so we are learning from the patients and going from bedside to bench, minimizing the chances of failure. We have conducted a retrospective clinical trial that confirms our platforms can pick suitable compounds. We have integrated machine learning algorithms with patient-derived biological data, helping us predict primary tumor patients' metastasis probability. The prospective clinical study is ongoing for this and is very encouraging. Lastly, we have created novel animal models that can measure metastasis in only six weeks, with one hundred percent efficiency, which is a game-changer”, further shares Dr. Arnab.

With a strong team, noble ambitions, and a passion for saving lives, Mestastop has embarked on a unique journey that not many dare to explore. Over the years, the organization has seen slow but steady growth due to the lack of investments in and awareness about this sector. Over the years, what was once simply a bold idea, has been transformed into a validated reality. The company has also established a subsidiary in the US and is soon hoping to open one in Europe as well. However, there is much more to be done and achieved, and there is no place for complacency in order to achieve the ultimate goal.

For the coming years, the company is focused on further research and trials towards delaying and preventing metastasis which will, by extension lead to the achievement of commercial goals. These trials would be targeted towards delaying metastasis in the neo-adjuvant or adjuvant settings which will be the first ever successful approach targeting metastasis biology. With determination and passion, the organization will not only capably achieve its personal goals but also save millions of lives.

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