CVC Technologies: Spearheading The Future Of Pharmaceutical Packaging Machinery With Dedication & Precision

Kevin Chang , General Manager

Kevin Chang

General Manager

India has become a pivotal player in the pharmaceutical industry, supplying products globally and embracing innovation in processes and approaches. With a focus on cost-effectiveness, Indian pharmaceutical companies are driving manufacturers to deliver both low-cost machinery and top-notch quality. As packaging constitutes a significant portion of the final product, Indian pharmaceutical companies are striving to reduce packaging costs without compromising consumer satisfaction or product stability. This dynamic has created ample space for innovation in both packaging materials and machinery.

One company which stands out for its commitment to innovation, customer-centric approach, and global presence is CVC Technologies. As a market leader in tablet counting and liquid filling machines, CVC Technologies, established back in 1979, is uniquely positioned to address the evolving needs of the global pharmaceutical industry. In addition, CVC also offers an extensive range of advanced packaging solutions that cater to diverse industrial needs which includes state-of-the-art precision labeling machines, and efficient powder filling machines, all of which exemplify the company’s commitment to excellence in the packaging sector. Furthermore, CVC Technologies announced its recent acquisition of Changsung Softgel systems. With an illustrious history  spanning over 50 years, Changsung Softgel System brings unparalleled expertise in the field of softgel technologies. With this aquisiton CVC creates a powerful synergy that offers a comprehensive and unmatched range of solutions within packaging machinery sector. Moreover, as a public company in Taiwan, CVC's financial stability and international presence underscore its commitment to delivering value.

CVC Technologies stands ready to shape the future of pharmaceutical packaging machinery through its unwavering dedication to excellence going forward

Kevin Chang , General Manager

Driven to Meet Client Requirements

Indian pharma companies, catering to a global clientele, demand cost-effectiveness across all departments. CVC understands the need for lower capital investments, faster returns, flexibility to handle various SKUs, high availability of equipments, be quick to market with new products, optimize output per batch and increase output per area to reduce the cost. The company's responsiveness, coupled with a focus on service and support, has solidified its reputation as a reliable partner in the industry.

CVC's prowess extends beyond machine manufacturing. CVC lives by its Motto of Change, Value and Challenge – CVC. Recognizing the need for tailor-made solutions, the company collaborates with clients early in the procurement process. Different customers based on their core values, vision and market approach need different solutions. The goal is to ensure that customer requirements are met efficiently while guiding them towards optimal decisions. Whether clients are new entrants or experienced players, CVC's involvement in project planning, capacity assessment, and optimization proves crucial. Furthermore, the company's competitive edge is enhanced by its comprehensive services. From initial design to installation, validation, training, and post-sales support, CVC maintains an end-toend partnership with clients. This commitment helps build trust and fosters long-lasting relationships.

“We proactively engage with clients, regardless of their expertise. Our focus is on assessing project maturity and refining requirements. For current clients, we assess production efficiency to cut costs, working to achieve 90 percent efficiency and build trust. For new projects, we collaborate on ideal production speed, offering 60 to 200 bottles per minute. We suggest flexible upgrades aligned with regulations, from 60 to 120 bottles per minute, scaling as needed,” highlights Arvind Prabhu, MD at CVC Technologies India.

"CVC's presence in major markets, quality-drive, & ability to provide cost-effective solutions have positioned it as a global leader in pharmaceutical packaging machinery"

A Robust Roadmap Ahead

“We will continue to forge ahead, with plans to establish a Europe office and expand its presence. We envision growth in the tablet packaging market and will be investing in innovative designs that are user-friendly and costeffective. Also, strategic mergers and acquisitions align with CVC's goal of staying at the forefront of technological advancements,” concludes Kevin Chang, Managing Director at CVC Technologies Taiwan. CVC's presence in major markets, quality-drive, and ability to provide cost-effective solutions have positioned it as a global leader in pharmaceutical packaging machinery. As the industry continues to evolve, CVC's commitment to innovation, tailored solutions, and customer satisfaction ensures its continued success.

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