Daffohils Laboratories: Empowering Health & Enriching Lives Through Pharmaceutical Innovation & Quality Manufacturing

Inderpal Singh Chawla , Chairman & Managing Director

Inderpal Singh Chawla

Chairman & Managing Director

The contract manufacturing market in India has undergone a transformative evolution, establishing itself as a dynamic hub that adeptly caters to both domestic and international demands, with a particular emphasis on pharmaceutical exports. This reputation is intricately woven into a dual approach that combines direct marketing strategies and third-party contract manufacturing tailored for companies registered in international markets.

Within this expansive market, a crucial role is played by entities such as Daffohils Laboratories, providing contract manufacturing services to merchant exporters and globally established companies. The bifurcation of this intricate process into domestic contract manufacturing, serving indigenous Indian companies, and export-focused contract manufacturing for registered international entities, showcases the market's nuanced responsiveness. As Daffohils Laboratories actively participates in contract manufacturing and management, it underscores the immense scale and significance of this evolving market in India.

From Humble Beginnings to Global Presence

Founded in 2007, Daffohils Laboratories traces its roots to a visionary journey that began in 1989. The founder, with a humble start and a basic salary of 800 rupees, steadily rose through the ranks, culminating in the position of regional manager by 1997. This year marked the inception of Daffohils Pharma, initially focused on marketing. In 2007, the company transformed into Daffohils Laboratories, transitioning from marketing to dedicated pharmaceutical manufacturing.

The early days were characterized by modest beginnings, producing essential pharmaceutical forms like tablets, capsules, and liquid formulations. Over the years, Daffohils Laboratories expanded both vertically and horizontally. Vertically, the product range diversified to include risers, ointments, lotions, face washes, and more. Horizontally, the company extended its reach throughout India, partnering with major companies and venturing into international markets, including African countries, South Asian countries, and the Dominican Republic.

Flagship Pharma Products

Daffohils Laboratories boasts a diverse range of flagship pharmaceutical products, including tablets, capsules, liquid oral solutions, ointments, dusting powders, and medicated soap. What sets these offerings apart is the company's unique selling proposition — being a one-stop solution for pharmaceutical manufacturing needs. Clients benefit from a single source for a variety of products, eliminating the need to approach multiple manufacturers.

Unparalleled Differentiation

Daffohils Laboratories stands out in the market through a combination of distinctive factors. The company's unwavering emphasis on quality, evidenced by certifications like WHO, GMP, GLP and ISO-9001-2015, underscores its commitment to maintaining high standards in pharmaceutical manufacturing. With a history dating back to 1989 and 16 years in the manufacturing sector, Daffohils Laboratories has garnered a reputation for reliability and credibility.

The success of the company's supply chain management is encapsulated in its "commit less and deliver more" approach, ensuring timely product delivery and meeting customer commitments. The exceptional customer retention rate, ranging from 75-80 percent, speaks volumes about the loyalty the company has cultivated. Unlike traditional cold-calling or extensive marketing efforts, Daffohils Laboratories thrives on positive experiences and recommendations from satisfied customers, exemplifying the trust and confidence earned in the industry.

As we expand our horizons, innovation & sustainability are the driving forces propelling us into a future of pharmaceutical leadership

Inderpal Singh Chawla , Chairman & Managing Director

Addressing Industry Pain Points

In the contract manufacturing segment, customers often grapple with challenges related to quality assurance and supply chain management. Daffohils Laboratories addresses the quality assurance concern by maintaining a robust process, adhering to WHO, GMP and GLP standards. The company's meticulous quality control and assurance departments ensure strict adherence to WHO guidelines, leaving no room for oversight.

Supply chain management, a critical aspect, is tackled through a proactive "commit less and deliver more" motto. This emphasizes the dedication to timely product delivery, preventing financial losses for customers and safeguarding their market reputation. The proactive supply chain management strategy is designed to uphold the commitment to customer success and satisfaction.

Team’s Expertise

The success and growth of Daffohils Laboratories are deeply rooted in the expertise of its team. Lead by CMD (having 34+ Years of Pharma exposure and an alumnus of IIM Kashipur), Director (30+ years of management exposure), President (27+ years of experience and an alumnus of IIM Calcutta), GM Operations (32+ years in Pharma industry, MBA & B. Pharma) along with highly experienced plant manager, production managers, quality assurance team to regulatory compliance experts, and marketing professionals, each member brings a wealth of experience to their roles. Notably, almost 50 percent of the team has been with the company since its inception. This dedicated team ensures seamless operations, quality products, and contributes significantly to the ongoing success of Daffohils Laboratories.

Transparent & Customer-Centric Approach

The client engagement process at Daffohils Laboratories is a well-orchestrated journey, beginning with the receipt of an RFQ or product inquiry. Whether through email, WhatsApp, or telephony calls, the inquiry is promptly forwarded to the Production Planning and Inventory Control (PPiC) team. The team assesses capabilities for the requested product, confirming the ability to fulfill the request. Transparent communication with the customer ensues, proceeding with a request for a quotation, pricing negotiation, and order placement.

Creative teams are then engaged for product design, passing the plan to the production planning and inventory control team for raw material procurement. The production phase, overseen by the quality control and assurance team, is communicated to the customer in real-time. After product release and supply, the logistics team provides shipment details, and the marketing team seeks feedback after a one-week pause. This client engagement cycle ensures transparency, customer satisfaction, and continuous refinement of operations.

Expansion & Innovation

Daffohils Laboratories is on an ambitious trajectory, currently undergoing a major expansion to increase production capacity by 50 percent. Along with this the company has futuristic plans in expanding into Ayurvedic formulations, Cosmoceuticals, Nutraceuticals, Injectables and Inhalers category. The addition of new machinery and the establishment of a world-class quality control lab are key components of this expansion, expected to conclude by February 2024. Looking ahead, the company aims to go public by the financial year 2025-26, transitioning into a public limited company.

"In tandem with expansion, Daffohils Laboratories is committing to innovation and sustainability. A dedicated research and development facility is in the works, reflecting the company's commitment to staying at the forefront of technological and scientific advancements. Additionally, environmental sustainability is a key focus, with initiatives such as rainwater harvesting, an operational effluent treatment plant, and plans for a large 200-kilowatt solar unit", shares Inderpal Singh Chawla, Chairman and Managing Director.

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