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Urvee Garg , Vice President

Urvee Garg

Vice President

India's pharmaceutical industry stands as a true glob­al powerhouse, acclaimed for its remarkable achieve­ments and promising prospects. As one of the largest pharmaceutical exporters worldwide, India capitalizes on a unique blend of advantages that have propelled it to the forefront of the global pharmaceutical arena. The robust research and development capabilities, bolstered by gov­ernment support and subsidies, has empowered several firms to innovate and deliver cutting-edge pharmaceuti­cal solutions to meet global healthcare needs. Among the front-runners in this dynamic sector is Hab Pharmaceuti­cals and Research.

A Multi-Faceted Approach to Pharmaceuticals

Hab Pharmaceuticals and Research, a leading pharmaceutical company with four state-of-the-art facilities, operates one factory in Vasai and three others in Dehradun. The company's diverse product portfolio spans tablets, capsules, ointments, aerosol sprays, eyedrops, cosmetic creams, food supplements, and more. Renowned for specialization in Research and Development (R&D), Hab Pharmaceuticals and Research holds special permissions from the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) to pioneer the creation of cutting-edge pharmaceutical products, setting the company apart from competitors in the industry. What truly distinguishes the company, however, is the unwavering commitment to quality. With a relentless focus on ensuring formulations with exceptional bioavailability and rapid efficacy, Hab Pharmaceuticals and Research consistently delivers products that rival innovators in terms of both effectiveness and reliability.

The Leadership Team: A Blend of Experience & Innovation

Founded by KK Agrawal and Sanjiv Garg, who remain actively involved, the company has benefited from steadfast leadership. Saurabh Agrawal, who joined 15 years ago, has been instrumental in taking the business to new heights. Urvee Garg, the latest addition to the leadership team, joined six years ago. With a background in pharmacy and prior experience at ASTRAZENECA, she has witnessed the company's impressive 40 percent year-on-year growth.

R&D: The Heartbeat of Innovation

Since its inception in 1989, Hab Pharmaceuticals and Research has steadfastly adhered to a policy that earmarks a significant percentage of the profits for Research and Development (R&D) endeavors. This commitment has been a driving force behind the continuous pursuit of innovation in the pharmaceutical domain. Presently, the company is actively engaged in pioneering research into emerging peptides, alongside plans for establishing manufacturing capabilities for prefilled syringes. “Additionally, we are exploring the potential of a new molecule, Semaglutide, which has garnered substantial attention in the United States. We aspire to be among the first Indian entities to introduce this groundbreaking drug to the market. To support these initiatives, we have invested in a specialized R&D, Pilot Plant, facilitating the production of small batches for rigorous testing prior to commercial production. Undoubtedly, R&D occupies a crucial position within the company, with the firm belief that investments in this area today will yield substantial profits and groundbreaking advancements in the future,” adds Urvee Garg, Vice- President of Hab Pharmaceuticals and Research.

Hab Pharmaceuticals & Research’s vision is not just about making medicines; it's about crafting a healthier future for all

Urvee Garg , Vice President

Supply Chain: A Smooth Operation

One of the prominent challenges faced by many companies when collaborating with Indian suppliers revolves around timelines. The Indian market, characterized by its fragmentation with various companies involved in the production of raw materials and packaging, often leads to extended project timelines. To mitigate this issue, Hab Pharmaceuticals and Research have adopted an approach by implementing a robust forecasting system to anticipate the raw material and packaging needs accurately. This strategy enables the company to maintain ample inventory levels, ensuring a consistent supply chain even in the face of potential delays. Additionally, Hab Pharmaceuticals and Research has pursued exclusive agreements with key manufacturers of raw materials, guaranteeing a more immediate and reliable supply source. Through these measures, the company aims to navigate the intricate timelines associated with the Indian market, ensuring smoother and more efficient operations in their collaborative ventures.

A Dynamic Lifecycle Management

Hab Pharmaceuticals and Research takes a comprehensive and highly efficient approach to manage the entire lifecycle of the pharmaceutical products, from the initial stages of development and launch to ongoing maintenance and potential discontinuation. The streamlined process includes a meticulous review of market performance for each drug, enabling the company to stay at the forefront of industry trends and emerging needs. Hab Pharmaceuticals is committed to continuous improvement, constantly assessing their products for updates and enhancements. “We conduct market visits to receive real-time feedback and market demand. This allows us to adapt swiftly to changing dynamics, ensuring that our products align seamlessly with the evolving needs of the industry,” asserts Urvee.

Sustainability & Employee Welfare: Non-Negotiables

Hab Pharmaceuticals and Research places paramount importance on environmental safety and sustainability, implementing rigorous waste management processes to prevent pollutants from leaving the factories and relying heavily on solar panels for electricity generation, minimizing their environmental footprint. The company also prioritizes the health and safety of its workforce, taking measures to ensure the safe handling of LPG and providing comprehensive health insurance coverage of two lakh rupees per annum for every employee, regardless of their role. This unwavering commitment to environmental consciousness and employee well-being underscores Hab Pharmaceuticals' dedication to maintaining the highest standards of safety and sustainability throughout the operations.

The Next Chapter: Expansion & Diversification

“Hab Pharmaceuticals and Research is gearing up for a significant expansion in its future endeavors. We are in the process of establishing two state-of-the-art factories, one located in Vasai dedicated to producing effervescent tablets and the other in Dehradun, focusing on the manufacture of prefilled syringes and lyophilized injections. Regulatory approvals are in the pipeline, signifying an expanding global footprint,” concludes Urvee.

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