Krishgen Biosystems: Driving Growth & Innovation In India's Biotech Market

Neelam Jain,  CEO

Neelam Jain


The biotechnology market in India has been expanding at a (CAGR) of 15 percent after the COVID-19 pandemic, and it is anticipated that this growth rate will rise in the forthcoming years. Several factors have contributed to this growth story, including the government's emphasis on Make-In-India initiatives, and efforts by the Department of Biotechnology. India has always had a talented workforce, and the situation is now ideal for innovation and the development of new technologies, particularly with the establishment of biotechnology parks and research centers throughout the country. Uniquely positioned in this industry, Krishgen Biosystems has played a positive role in this growth, emerging as one of the leading biotech companies in India.

A Notch Ahead

With a strong focus on research and development, Krishgen Biosystems has introduced a range of innovative products and services that have helped to drive the growth of the biotech market in India. Krishgen is one of the top reagents, consumables, and kits suppliers in India. “Our RUO ELISA, which we manufacture locally, has already captured over a third of the market share in India and is rapidly gaining more ground globally, with many key pharma and biotech customers now using our products for their R&D. We collaborate with businesses all over the world for our ELISA kits, and there has been a tangible shift in the global industry's view and perception of India in recent years”, says Neelam Jain, CEO.

Krishgen has always prioritized keeping up with trends in the industry, and their strong technical knowledge enables them to bring new technologies to the customers while providing reliable support for setup and troubleshooting. “We frequently engage with scientists and key opinion leaders (KOLs) in India and abroad to stay up-to-date and to offer the most up-to-date and cutting-edge tools to our customers in India, whether through distribution or local manufacturing. To add to it, our company's backbone is our IT infrastructure. We have developed custom software that helps us manage massive order volumes with different temperature specifications and taxation requirements, ensuring timely and perfect deliveries every time. Our mantra is to not just get it right once but to consistently get it right all the time”, says Neelam. It is the company's commitment to quality, innovation, and customer service that has earned it a reputation as a trusted partner for biotech companiesand researchers across India and around the world.

Thriving on Product Range and Expertise

Krishgen stands out by providing a one-stop solution for customers, offering a wide range of high-quality reagents, kits, and biochemicals. With a portfolio of over 200,000 SKUs, Krishgen Biosystems’ technical expertise allows them to help customers identify the right product for their research needs. Additionally, the firm is the largest player  in the immunoassay kits segment, with their ELISA kitscommanding over 33 percent of the Indian market and gaining popularity worldwide. In the near future, Krishgen Biosystems plans to introduce affordable recombinant proteins and antibodies to offer a quality alternative to customers. “Our approach to client engagement is collaborative, with our tech team in constant communication with customers to understand their specific requirements. We offer alternative solutions for their research needs, and our logistics and shipping teams ensure timely delivery at the right temperature”, speaks Neelam.

It is the company's commitment to Quality, innovation, and customer Service that has earned it a Reputation as a trusted partner for Biotech companies & researchers Across India & around the world

Neelam Jain, CEO

Consisting of over 120 experts, Krishgen Biosystems is backed by professionals who contribute to its growth. The firm has 8 dedicated scientists providing pre-and post-sales support, and a strong R&D and production team developing new assays and reagents while maintaining product quality. “Our sales and application teams are well-trained in our technologies to offer accurate solutions to customers. Our logistics team is experienced in handling temperaturesensitive products, and our C-suite team brings over 25 years of technical expertise to maintain growth and industry leadership”, shares Neelam.

Path Ahead

Since its establishment in 2003, Krishgen Biosystems has grown with the biotech industry, with the firm’s COO becoming a well-known industry consultant. While, Krishgen Biosystems has a presence in most of Europe, the US, Russia, and Asia through its distribution partners, the firm plans to expand into the Latin and African markets this year, for both its research and diagnostics primary focus is on expanding as a global brand. "We plan to continue developing new products for research, especially on the immunology side. It has a two-pronged strategy for portfolio expansion: partnering with the best global companies in the field and bringing them to India, and investing in resources to develop and manufacture additional product lines such as antibodies, recombinant proteins, and reagents for mRNA vaccine production. We also plan to establish two new manufacturing labs to focus on these new technologies for large-scale production", signs off Neelam.

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