Premas Life Sciences: Driving India's Innovative Research & Diagnostics To The Next Level

Dhaval Tabib Regional , Sales Manager

Dhaval Tabib Regional

Sales Manager

India is ranked among the top 12 biotech destinations in the world and is likely to experience significant growth due to increasing economic prosperity, health consciousness, and a billion-plus population base. Many aspects are currently being addressed by researchers in the fields, with wide-ranging applications in medicine, agriculture and foods, informatics, and so on. However, moving forward there would be advances that are yet to be imagined. Therefore, early access to cutting-edge technology in India is critical.Outsourcing is an option, but it has its own set of drawbacks, ranging from sample transfer, and quality issues, to IP issues. To address these challenges, Premas Life Sciences has been engaged in bringing cutting-edge and niche technologies for the advancement of Indian Research & Clinical Diagnostics.

Based out of New Delhi, Premas Life Sciences strives to address the issue by bringing some of the most advanced technologies to India and making them accessible to the researchers. The firm lays its expertise in Sequencing and Microarrays, Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Flow Cytometry, Liquid Handling Systems, Ultrasonicators, Mass spectrometry, genomics, and biopharma. Premas has incredibly talented trained professionals who take care of all facility maintenance, training people, and creating the talent pool and skill level that is currently required in the market. The firm is supported by more than 20 Senior Scientists, PhDs, and field application scientists who serve as the backbone of Premas, being its core strength for the last 17 years.

Addressing End-to-end Requirements

Premas is positioned as a one-stop shop, introducing game-changing new technologies in genomics, cell biology, and biopharma to boost India's Innovative Research and Diagnostics. The firm has a 360 degrees approach towards genomics encompassing reading, writing, and editing DNA.

To ensure a last mile delivery of results for research or healthcare, quality data and data analysis is indispensable. To this end, Premas has partnered with world-renowned brands such as Illumina, Twist Biosciences, and many more. “After spending about 17 years in the market with strong values, we, as a team believe that learning is an ongoing process. Every day, we face new challenges at every level, but one thing that keeps us going is our own customers,” adds Dhaval Tabib, Regional Sales Manager, Premas Life Sciences.

Premas Life Sciences is supported by more than 20 Senior Scientists, phds, and field application scientists who serve as the backbone of Premas, being its core strength for the last 17 years

Dhaval Tabib Regional , Sales Manager

Genomics as a domain is driven by Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), a focused technology and its utilization has been driven up by demands in healthcare- especially precision medicine and public health. The NGS workflow is complex in nature, requiring a confluence of multiple ancillary technologies, reagents and consumables, besides skilled manpower to execute the experiments, and perform the downstream data analysis. "We understand there is a gaping need of trained personnel in the ever-dynamic world of advanced technologies like NGS, and we are, therefore ramping up trainings through streamlined programs, creating more opportunities for employment in this domain. We also understand that it is stressful for aresearcher to work with different providers for their lab needs, and hence are trying to build an ecosystem of products aligned to an end-to-end solutions approach,” says Dhaval Tabib

Journey of Excellence

Premas Life Sciences started its journey 17 years ago, focusing on certain geographical areas in the northern part of India. For an organizing dabbling in a very niche space, Premas’ rise to prominence has been meteoric and within a span of 17 years, the firm has topped400 Cr in turnover.

The biggest motivation for Premas, however, has always been its customers and their inspiring stories. The bigger purpose of delivering meaningful outcomes for healthcare, agriculture or even basic research has pushed the organization to newer limits. Going forward, Premas Life Sciences has plans to foray into research and manufacturing to enable cost effective solutions towards bolstering affordable healthcare diagnostics and develop its product lines on that front.

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