Uttarakhand Ayurvedan Herbs Corporation: Unraveling The Endless Possibilities In Herbal Medicine

Priyadarshan Singh Negi & Nanu Negi (Kopila), Founders

Priyadarshan Singh Negi & Nanu Negi (Kopila)


In recent times, consumer’s increasing concerns regarding the side effects of products and medicines has led to an increase in the demand for traditional alternative products across the world. The Herbal industry including Ayurveda in India is expected to grow at a CAGR of three percent (EuroMonitor International, 2016). Indian FMCG market has witnessed a big transformation. In terms of changed product and market share of long existing multinational brands. The new brands like Patanjali, Sri Sri Tattva have given a tough competition to existing brands like HUL, Nestle, ITC and many others.

Herbal and Ayurveda products are becoming the attention magnets, thus, allowing the exponential growth of Herbal and Ayurvedic products manufacturing companies in India. One such example is Dehradun based Ayurvedan Herbs India. With more than 3500 + retail shops, departmental stores, salons and Ayurvedic yoga centres, the company is one of the leading manufacturers and global exporters of herbal and ayurvedic products.

The journey toward Ayurvedan Herbs India began five years ago when the founders of the company, Priyadarshan Singh Negi and Nanu Negi (Kopila) witnessed the use of herbal ingredients for skin and hair care in a local village. Taking inspiration from this village, they then decided to venture on their own and create products that were completely backed by herbs from nature, harnessed through scientific research. “We make 99 percent herbal natural products, 1 percent preservative is used to increase the product shelf life and the quality of our products is premium, dermatologically tested by many laboratories and professional staff,” says Mr. Priyadarshan Singh Negi, Founder. Currently, in the international market Ayurvedan Herbs India presence is in more than 40+ countries. The company is constantly exporting a number of its hair care and skin care products to foreign customers.

One of the best selling products, according to Nanu is their red onion hair oil & black seed oil, trusted by thousands of customers. “Our company believes that customers are the king of the market. If customers are happy, we are also happy. If a customer is satisfied with our products, they provide us more customers. Our only motive is not to earn revenues. We believe in 100 percent customer satisfaction,” adds Nanu. Explaining the advantages of herbal and ayurvedic products Priyadarshan and Nanu vsaid that Herbal and Ayurvedic products if used on a regular basis result in glowing and healthy skin.

Herbal cosmetics barely have side effects and are a great choice for beauty, self-care, and personal hygiene. The ingredients used are natural, consisting of plant extracts, herbs, fruits, and minerals and therefore, do not have any harmful effects on the skin. Having used the products themselves, Priyadarshan and Nanu and Mrs. Nanu Negi advocates for the same and wishes to increase their product user base in the near future. In a matter of five years, Ayurvedan Herbs India products have received a great response from consumers across the globe.

The company wishes to delve deeper and create more products and make a mark in the Ayurvedic medicine segment as well. “Our future plan is to expand in the global marketplace. We want to let the world experience the benefits of Uttarakhand’s natural resources, herbs based products. In the upcoming five years we are working hard, so we hit a Rs.100 crore turnover in a year. But most of all, our primary vision is to do something for our beautiful Uttarakhand,” concludes Priyadarshan.