Precision Moulds & Dies : A Leader At Manufacturing High End Fully Hardened Injection Moulding Moulds & Plastic Products

G. S. Kochhar, Founder

G. S. Kochhar


The caps and closure market is evolving into better designs, tamper evident along with a requirement for using recycled material into packaging. With a high­er demand from consumers for all kinds of products, plastic packaging is a growing market. The expanding need for var­ious types of packed food goods, non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, and the growing necessity for easy-to-open and long-lasting packaging are the primary drivers driving mar­ket demand globally.

G. S. Kochhar founded Precision Moulds and Dies in 1973. PMD is presently one of India's oldest and greatest tool rooms, producing over 150 moulds each year and processing over 2000 tonnes of plastic. The tool room is fully air-conditioned and equipped with cutting-edge CNC equipment, and it is open 24 hours a day. PMD has two injection moulding units, one in Sahibabad (Uttar Pradesh) and the other in Baddi (Himachal Pradesh). Millions of plastic parts for the packaging, cosmetic, engineering, and medical industries are produced each month using 70 injection moulding machines from Demag and Haitian.

What are the major expectations of client organizations from a company manufacturing high end fully hardened injection moulding moulds and plastic products?

From a plastic product point of view, with quality being a given, clients expect very competitive pricing and consistency of supplies. Regarding high end fully hardened injection moulds, clients expect fast cycle times, mould reliability and the capability to resolve all the technical challenges. Having a Tool Room with our own designing & manufacturing along with a large injection moulding facility, we are able to fulfill all the client expectations regarding product design, mould design, mould manufacturing & hassle free production.

How is your company positioned in this segment?

PMD has been in the caps and closure business for 50 years and is one of the industry's oldest players and pioneers. With a core specialization in producing high-quality fully hardened injection moulding moulds and plastic products, the company has grown exponentially over time. The organization's goal is to be an expert in its field and be a leader in technical innovation. From complex moulds to high cavitation fast cycle time moulds, we are positioned as 'Excellent Moulds at Affordable Prices' primarily for the packaging industries.

What are the major factors that set you apart from other players in this segment?

With almost five decades of experience, PMD is a one-stop solution with the capability to provide complicated and intricate Moulds with rotating cores, automatic slides, high cavitations', hot runner systems, and so on, specially in the packaging industry. PMD has three factories with over 70 injection moulding and blow moulding machines, as well as various assembly lines, ultrasonic welding, heat transfer printing, and in-mould labeling capability. Having this all under one Company with a large focused experience, these distinguish it from other companies in this segment. Over the years upgrading ourselves to add for automation and improve compliance and systems covers all our Clients requirements and expectations of a factory of the future. We are now ISO 9001: 2015 certified, Sedex Pillar four audited and also approved factory by Disney.

Shed light on the high end fully hardened injection moulding moulds and plastic products that you offer for all types of industries.

PMD manufactures high-end moulds with average life spans of 10-20 years when maintained properly. We manufacture and supply moulds to a significant number of FMCG and Pharma companies in both domestic and international markets. Our core strength is our extensive experience in packaging, pharmaceutical, medical, engineering and houseware items. Excellent product and mould design, fully hardened moulds with high cavitations, a Life of 46 million shots, tight tolerances, high gloss & superior finish on plastic part, Injection & Blow moulding and Decorative capabilities (in mould labeling), and Bi - Injection are what we offer.

We are a one-stop solution for our clients because we design, manufacture, and use our moulds in manufacturing. No procedure in pmd is outsourced, and our experience at every stage offers us a competitive advantage.

G. S. Kochhar, Founder

Tell us about the overall journey of the company. How has it nurtured itself over the years?

The voyage began with a small tool room of 2000 square feet and five employees. During the following years, PMD focused on injection moulding moulds, creating fully hardened moulds with a shot life of 4-6 million shots. Injection moulding machines were quickly installed as clients wanted plastic items. PMD today has four factories. The first plant is a world-class CNC air-conditioned tool room for making various injection and blow moulding moulds. The company's most valuable asset is the experience of a highly trained workforce of engineers; PMD also manufactures engineering, medical, industrial, household, and pharmaceutical components. PMD has approximately seventy injection moulding machines ranging in size from 50 to 650 tonnes, as well as six blow moulding equipment. With our own in-house brand 'Gluman', the company has been in the premium Kitchenware & Houseware market for the previous 17 years.

What is your future roadmap? How is the company gearing up for the same?

PMD as a group aspires to be a well-known maker of high-quality goods in the Plastic Industry shortly. Over time, the company has increased its capacity and capabilities and has added many verticals within the Company to grow. Along with packaging and engineering sector, household, Disney Products and Toys is what the future holds. By adding high-quality automated machinery and trained labours and experienced professionals, we will try not only to maintain quality standards but also to meet the market's expanding needs and wants.

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