JAP Engineering: High Precision Multi-Cavity Plastic Injection Moulds For Caps & Closures

Sunil Paul Nilayattingal, MD & CEO

Sunil Paul Nilayattingal


To  use  plastics  or  glass  as the  primary  or  secondary medium  for  packaging  and/ or  dispensing,  there  is  a critical dependency on the availability of  High  Precision  Multi-cavity  plastic injection  moulds  for  Plastic  Caps  and Closures.  These  tools  were  largely getting  imported  in  India  but  with quicker  access  to  technologies  like additive  manufacturing  and  surface treatment  technologies  like  Sputter deposition and Arc vapour deposition, the demand supply gap for these high precision  tools  is  narrowing.  The demand  for  cutting-edge  high-end precision multi-cavity plastic injection moulds  is  growing  at  a  much  higher rate.  Be  it  packaging  for  Pharma, FMCG,  medical  devices,  Speciality Chemicals,  and  many  more.  There  is an increased global interest to develop capacities in India and post COVID there is a greater emphasis in this regard.

With sound understanding about this demand, JAP Engineering has been serving the Indian markets industry for over 25 years with its niche capabilities. For the past 10 years JAP has been exporting across the middle east, African continent,  Turkey and other Asian countries and has created a name for itself in this domain. Pharma Industry Outlook magazine engages in a conversation with Sunil Paul Nilayattingal, MD and CEO, JAP Engineering to know more about the company and the value it is adding to the industry.

What are the major expectations of client organizations from a company offering high precision multi-cavity plastic injection moulds for caps & closures? How do you meet their expectations?

At JAP Engineering we specialise and focus on high precision plastic injection moulds and that is our core competency. All the  Projects  that  we  undertake  at  JAP  are  custom  projects and  these  high-performance  moulds  are  expected  to  run anywhere  between  2-5  million  cycles.  Hence,  each  mould is  mission  critical  to  the  success  of  our  client  projects.  The expectations  from  our  high  precision  moulds  are  to  enable faster  production  with  quicker  cycle-times.  Our  in-house specialist teams of designers, engineers, technicians backed by  world-class  Japanese  machineries  from  Makino  and Mazak and a strong customer focused approach ensure that we  deliver  quality  with  speed  and  successfully  meet  our customer expectations.

How is your company positioned in this segment?

There are only a few specialists in India who supply high-end multicavity  moulds  for  caps  and  closures  and  JAP  is  proud to  be  one  among  them.  Since  all  projects  undertaken  are custom  projects  it  is  imperative  that  we  define  and  deliver the  projects  in-line  with  the  customer’  success  metrics.  At JAP we follow a customer centric approach, evident from our customer retention rate of 84%. This has been possible due to the three founding principles that JAP stands by, INTEGRITY, INNOVATION  and  TECHNOLOGY.  On  many  occasions  JAP’s technical team led by the CEO, Mr Sunil Paul Nilayattingal, gets invited to customer’s locations to identify gaps and suggest innovative solution using the best and current technologies. The  management  team’s  deep  involvement  right  from technical  scope  definition,  design  up  till  mould  validation ensures a smooth customer experience.

Shed light on the wide range of products that you offer to clients in the caps and closure segment. Highlight the USPs.

High  Cavitation  Hot  Runner  moulds  for  Pharmaceuticals like Child-Resistant Closures, Nasal & Eye Droppers Medical Devices,  Lumbar  Puncture  Needle  Hubs.  Fast  Cycling  high productivity  cap  moulds  for  juices,  syrups,  milkshakes  etc. FlipTop Cap Moulds with In-Mould-Closing for personal care and  cosmetic  applications.  Conformal  Cooling  moulds  for Packaging across industries like Agro chemicals, Oil & Lubes, FMCG, etc.

What are the major factors that set you apart from other players in this segment?

Our  strong  design  acumen,  matured  engineering  know- how  with  an  experience  of  over  25  years  enables  us  to guide  our  customers  in  developing  product  designs  that ensures desired functionalities with better productivity and optimize  product  weights  and  in-turn  reducing  the  global carbon  footprint  while  meeting  their  sustainability  targets. Being a specialist in multicavity moulds with one of the best infrastructures in India with World Class JAPANESE Machines from  Makino  and  Mazak  makes  us  competitive  globally. An in-house Design/ DFM/ CAE/ Prototyping/ Manufacturing/ Validation/ Production capabilities backed by a strong project management team enables customers with quicker GTM.

Tell us about the overall journey of the company. How has it nurtured itself over the years? Illustrate the growth it has observed in terms of revenue, clients, and geographical presence?

JAP had its humble beginnings around 25 years ago in Mumbai and was known predominantly in western India as a trusted supplier  for  high  quality  plastic  injection  moulds.  Over  the last  decade  JAP  has  established  clientele  in  Europe,  Middle East,  Africa  and  Asian  countries  like  Nepal,  SriLanka  and Bangladesh.  JAP's  investment  in  understanding  customer projects and R&D initiatives with customers has ensured that we have consistently hit a CAGR of 24% for the last 4 years. JAP manufactures moulds that run on 100 to 400 ton injection moulding machines with in-house validation capacity of up to 350 ton machines. We observe consistent growth in domestic and international business.

What is your future roadmap? How is the company gearing up for the same?

At  JAP  we  are  very  bullish  about  the  future  and  investing almost  75%  of  profits  in  exploring  new  technologies, training  and  increasing  capacities.  JAP  is  going  global  with participation in the most coveted plastic trade shows called the K-2022 at Dusseldorf Germany in October 2022. We at JAP recognise the need for top quality high precision MADE IN INDIA moulds which can reduce import dependencies in this segment. We support Atmanirbhar Bharat and Make in India.

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