Antengene Declares Preclinical Study Results on Bispecific Antibody

Antengene Corporation Limited declared that the consequences of its re-clinical examinations on ATG-101 (PD-L1/4-1BB bispecific immunizer) were distributed in Cancer Research in a paper named ATG-101 is a tetravalent PD-L1×4-1BB bispecific...

Portea Medical Hits 10 Million Appointments in 10-Year Healthcare Journey

Portea Medical, a prominent healthcare provider in India, has achieved a remarkable milestone by crossing 10 million appointments conducted at patients' homes over a decade.

Pharma Marketing Code Ineffective, Say Doctors & Activists

The Union government recently released a new marketing code for pharmaceutical companies, the Uniform Code for Pharmaceutical Marketing Practices, 2024.

Pharma Fundraising Surge Presents Investor Dilemma

At the Advanced Therapies 2024 conference, held on 19-20 March in London, a panel of experts on investors discussed the current scenario of early-stage investment in biotech and pharma. At the Advanced Therapies 2024 conference, held on 19-20 March i

AI-Enhanced Healthcare: Dr. Dangs Lab's Revolutionary Platform

Dr. Dangs Lab has recently launched a new platform called 'Discover,' which aims to provide tailored testing profiles to cater to the unique requirements of individual patients, thus harnessing the power of AI in healthcare.

SRM Delhi-NCR Conference on AMR Tackles India's Antibiotic Misuse

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a significant global health threat, as it undermines the effectiveness of antibiotics and other antimicrobial drugs.

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