Bayer and Indian Society of Nephrology Partner To Promote Kidney Health

India Pharma Outlook Team | Saturday, 09 December 2023

 India Pharma Outlook Team

Bayer Pharmaceuticals Division in India has launched its engaging "ReadyToSlowDown" campaign in collaboration with the Indian Society of Nephrology to encourage Indians to adopt a kidney-conscious lifestyle.

"#ReadyToSlowDown" campaign is an urgent call to action in India, where 101 million people (11.4% of the country's population) are estimated to be living with diabetes, according to a new study published in Lancet.  In addition, there is a critical link between the rise of diabetes and chronic kidney disease (CKD) – approximately 1 in 3 adults with diabetes has CKD.  This is exacerbated by kidney failure-related deaths in India surging 38% in the past decade (2001-03 to 2010-13), underscoring the need for improved awareness, as per pharmabiz.   The campaign hashtag "#ReadyToSlowDown" is a challenge to people's lifestyle choices as they rush through their everyday lives, often at the price of their own health and well-being. To begin, raise awareness that, contrary to popular opinion, people do not have to move fast to be strong; rather, it will be the slow and steady folks who "win the race."  The program skillfully links such conscious choices in managing health indicators as obesity, blood sugar, blood pressure, nutrition, sleep, and exercise to a slower progression of kidney disease, particularly in diabetic patients and persons with a family history of diabetes and CKD.   Manoj Saxena, managing director of Bayer Pharmaceuticals India, said, "Chronic kidney disease is a silent killer, as most people don’t have any symptoms for many years, and by the time it is detected, for many it's already too late.  At Bayer, we are committed to working with Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) to advocate the early diagnosis of CKD in type 2 diabetes patients and provide adequate patient support. 

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