Foyer Global and Galytix Partner on GenAI Digital Health Platform

India Pharma Outlook Team | Wednesday, 24 January 2024

 India Pharma Outlook Team

Galytix, a GenAI platform, and Foyer Global Health, an international health insurance company of foreign companies, have announced a collaboration to present HealthX, a digital health platform for insurance companies.

The International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI) market is built on regularly changing data. HealthX uses generative AI to combine structured and unstructured data from multiple sources to produce insights, analytics and alerts that enhance business propositions, customer service, and performance. The range of services offered by HealthX will include portfolio analytics, claims alerts, processing, underwriting, repricing, and risk reporting, as per pharmabiz.   Galytix recently launched the HealthX platform, initially focused on providing portfolio analytics and automating core risk claims on healthcare processes. HealthX allows users to evaluate claims in seconds, eliminating the need to read each claim and make a decision. The choice of this solution is part of Foyer Global Health's long-term strategy to have a standardized data model and a unified view of health data..

“HealthX’s powerful generative AI capabilites and easy interface, which take the form of a ‘Health Agent’, enable users to understand a topic faster, uncover new viewpoints and health insights, and get things done more easily,” said Raj Abrol, CEO, Galytix. “Let’s take a question like ‘what are the high-risk claims?’ Normally, a user might break this question into smaller ones, sort through the vast information available, and start to piece things together. With Health Agent, users can get an answer by simply asking the question in plain English. It’s like having an analyst on demand that automates routine work and increases productivity.”

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