Medtronic and Cosmo Pharma Widen Ties To Deliver Continued Innovation

India Pharma Outlook Team | Tuesday, 12 December 2023

 India Pharma Outlook Team

Medtronic plc, a global leader in healthcare technology announced the signing of a final agreement to expand its collaboration with Cosmo Intelligent Medical Devices, a subsidiary of Cosmo Pharmaceuticals. This AI-driven collaboration will build on the achievements made with the GI Genius intelligent endoscopy module, providing further innovation and scalable healthcare breakthroughs for patients and caregivers worldwide.

Through this exclusive global partnership, Medtronic and Cosmo Pharmaceuticals remain committed to revolutionizing endoscopy by harnessing the power of AI to improve patient outcomes. This strategic alliance reinforces Medtronic's position in AI-integrated healthcare solutions and represents a significant leap in incorporating AI into endoscopic care, as per pharmabiz.

The collaboration's emphasis on cutting-edge and scalable AI platforms, such as AI Access (opens new window), exemplifies an innovative approach to healthcare and provides a wider range of diagnostic tools and treatment options. AI Access is designed to host multiple third-party AI applications to allow for faster innovation and streamlining of the AI development process across medical AI applications.

"Our alliance with Cosmo Pharmaceuticals is a testament to what can be achieved when two leaders in their fields unite for a common goal: transforming healthcare through AI. The GI Genius module, our first FDA-cleared AI product in gastrointestinal care, represents the initial milestone of this collaboration," said Ken Washington, chief technology officer at Medtronic. "However, the AI Access platform is where our partnership truly crystallizes our vision for healthcare transformation; it's a springboard for expanding Medtronic's AI's potential in healthcare. Our expanded partnership with Cosmo is fostering a collaborative ecosystem where Medtronic's broad spectrum of medical expertise converges with Cosmo's technological prowess, creating a synergy that propels us forward."

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