BDL - Beta Drugs: Touching The Lives Of Millions Of Cancer Patients By Expanding Access To Quality & Affordable Drugs

Rahul Batra & Varun Batra, Promoters

Rahul Batra & Varun Batra


This decade promises to be a watershed moment for the Indian industry, wherein the Indian pharmaceutical sector plays a significant part in the global pharma­ceutical industry. Indian pharma manufacturers export nearly half of the pharma production, both in terms of volume and value in regulated, semi-regulated and unregulated countries. India is the world's biggest provider of pharmaceuticals. It is striving for self-sufficiency in order to strengthen its position as an internation­ally competitive pharmaceutical business, with in­novation serving as a guiding principle for future growth.

Over the last two decades, the Indian pharma industry has developed at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11 percent in the domestic market and 16 percent in exports. The industry's prowess in supplying generic formulations to markets around the world has fuelled the overall expansion. Capabilities in APIs and manufacturing of complex generics and biosimilars, government initiatives for ease of doing business are the most important enablers to set up world-class manufacturing facilities,focus on innovation and quality research not only to bring novel therapies to market but also to improve patient compliance through new drug delivery systems (NDDS), and manufacturing capabilities to develop low-cost affordable medicines and vaccines.

Most India-based pharmaceutical companies have traditionally prioritized generics R&D. Between 2010 and 2019, Indian companies received more than 35 percent of total ANDA approvals (2,046 of the total 5,768 ANDA approvals). Indian companies are improving their in-house revolutionary drug development in order to produce new blockbusters.

With the market boom, the Indian Pharma industry is very competitive, and customers expect low-cost medicine, new formulations, high-quality products, and product accessibility. Beta Drugs Ltd. (BDL) is one such player in this space that provides API for more than 80 percent of its products, ensuring the quality and cost-effectiveness of the products. Moreover, its widespread presence in private, government and corporate institutions across the country ensures that the drug reaches all indigent patients. BLD is positioned in the Oncology category as a leading, backward-integrated manufacturing and marketing firm. Beta Drugs is a dedicated Global leader in the development of enabling products, scientific knowledge, and technical expertise within a wide range of applications.

BDL is well-known for launching the first generic brands in the Oncology market and has a robust pipeline of innovative products. Every BDL product and service demonstrates the company's unwavering quality standards. All products are manufactured in facilities that have been certified by regulatory organizations from over 15 different nations. "We are driven by the mission of improving the lives of millions of cancer patients by increasing access to high-quality, low-cost drugs using cutting-edge technology and advanced R&D", adds Rahul Batra and Varun Batra, Promoters , BDL- Beta Drugs.

Quality Assured Products at its Best

BDL has four strategic verticals - domestic market, International market, contract manufacturing & API business. In Oncology, the company provides a wide range of products such as chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, and targeted therapy. Cosmetic and medical dermatology products are included in the dermatology product line. The firm is dedicated to providing exceptional service and becoming the finest in the market. BDL operates a top-notch quality control lab that is endowed with cutting-edge tools and equipment for conducting analyses of raw materials, packaging materials, intermediates, finished item components, and microbiological analyses. The firm employs a highly professional team of over 600 employees to hasten the development of new products, process improvement, shareholder value, customer satisfaction, and business expansion. Rahul Batra adds “We believe in continuous improvement in our quality and services. Our method of analysis and specifications are well documented and revised by the quality control department from time to time".

Beta drugs is a dedicated global leader in the development of enabling products, scientific knowledge, and technical expertise within a wide range of applications

Rahul Batra & Varun Batra, Promoters

With its corporate headquarters in Panchkula, BDL operates three manufacturing facilities in India. These plants are accredited internationally by over more than 15 countries. The firm has a PFS filling machine and separate lines for lyophilized injections, liquid injections, tablets, and capsules. It has two distinct lines for manufacturing API and leverages high-tech equipment that has helped it improve manufacturing capacity and lower the risk of contamination. Additionally, its state-of-the-art QC lab makes sure that strict product quality guidelines are followed. “Beta Drugs Ltd believes in a patient-first approach, we don't skimp on either quality or affordability. We constantly innovate to create better value for our patients and always strive to provide expensive oncology products at affordable rates", emphasizes Rahul & Varun Batra.

Legacy of Excellence

The journey of BDL began in the early 80s with the ardent efforts of the late Shri Vijay Batra. He has foreseen the scope in niche segments like oncology and today the firm has 110 SKUs in its Oncology product portfolio. Today, Beta Drugs Limited is recognized as a high-quality contract manufacturing company by many of India's top pharma companies, and it counts more than 50 of these firms as clients in the CRAM market. BDL is among the top 10 cytotoxic companies in India and has a significant domestic market presence. The firm has also expanded into the worldwide market and is currently present in over 20 nations. Additionally, the firm was recently accredited by INVIMA (Columbia MOH), and BDL is preparing for Cofepris, ANVISA, and PICS countries.

Beta Drugs is enhancing both, the value of its product launches to customers and the pace at which its products enter the market as it strives forward to new heights. Beta Drugs Ltd. is continually looking at opportunities that push the limits of business and technology. "The market for oncology will grow. In India, the number of cancer patients is rising. There will be many oncology products which is going to be off patent in next three years. We will soon strengthen our international footprint in Europe and other semi-regulated nations. On November 22 we are filling CEPs. We are extending our reach into the general injectable market and the skin care sector. We have expertise and infrastructure to leverage the potential of these markets", concludes Rahul Batra.

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