Biosint Nutraceuticals: Delivering Tailor-Made Nutraceutical Solutions

Dr. Ravi Pachaiyappan, Founder

Dr. Ravi Pachaiyappan


As livestock farmers look to attain increased production, one of the most crucial concerns they face is nutrition. While there has been significant progress in terms of understanding alternative components, unlocking the full potential of feed formulations needs a comprehensive approach. Moreover, with a number of variables affecting the productivity of the livestock, like – seasonal change, type of breed, each challenge and situation calls for a customized solution that meets each criterion in a dedicated form. However, surging cost of the nutritional solution along with high processing time turns procurement of a tailor-made solution into a Sisyphean task.

“The nutritional solutions available in the market are often all the same throughout the year. Today, there are a handful of solution providers that deliver customized solutions that meet clients' unique needs", says Dr. Ravi Pachaiyappan, Founder of Biosint Nutraceuticals. It is a customer centric entity striving to deliver tailor-made solutions to its clients.

At Biosint Nutraceuticals, we are a proactive team, providing nutritional solutions to specific problems of the industry. Our specialized expertise in rightly identifying the problems and developing an effective solution at a fast pace, providing our clients with dedicated solutions at the most critical hour. In a nutshell, our solution varies from customer to customer, animal to animal and season to season”, adds Dr. Ravi.

Since its inception, quality of the nutritional supplements has been the biggest priority for Biosint Nutraceuticals. “The requirement of nutraceutical supplements in feed development is crucial. However, cost of the products being a major challenge for the farmers, they often negotiate with the quality of the product. This is where we fit in. Our team has been in a constant quest of maintaining the price and performance of the solutions”, states Dr. Ravi.

Today, every product manufactured at Biosint passes through several checkpoints, both in the lab and on the field. Starting with development of the products, they at first pass through controlled laboratory tests; wherein all the specifications of the products are scrutinized in terms with different industrial requirements, such as - MSDS. If the product meets the necessary criterias, it is then put forward to trial runs. Only after the successful completion of the trial runs, the supplements are processed for batch production. Every batch is then individually tested on the several farms, to take a note on the actual productivity of the supplement.

Each and every nutritional supplement, that is forwarded to the clients, passes through rigorous tests to ensure the quality and assure the output, Furthermore, Dr. Ravi himself continually engages in understanding the clients’ problem and his team collects the feedback from the clients, to upgrade and develop the supplements as per their criteria.

“We have our own specific testing labs and farms, wherein our products are strictly tested. We ensure the delivery of the finest and best-in-class quality products to our clientele”, points Dr. Ravi.

State-of-the-art Facility

With time, Biosint Nutraceuticals has developed an automated state-of-the-art manufacturing facility aiding the firm in attaining a hygienic production with quick turnaround time. “We possess a technologically advanced manufacturing unit that is on par with the international standards. Our production unit is equipped with an updated set of machines, enabling us to attain impeccable quality”, mentions Dr. Ravi.

Biosint Nutraceuticals has been vigilant about its manufacturing unit. The team had even collaborated with the industry leader Ross Mixers, to procure customized machines that fit its unique purpose. Owing to this, Biosint now has an automated production unit, wherein 90 percent of the production is achieved without any human intervention. The team has also installed an automated packaging unit, maintaining utmost hygiene throughout the production line.

Moreover, along with the current 14,000 sq ft. manufacturing unit, the firm is also developing a 80,000 sqft unit being on par with the GMP standards. The team has also collaborated with a Singapore based quality-control consultancy firm to boost its quality standards towards new heights.

Group of Companies

Biosint Nutraceuticals is a part of three sister companies — ALlifesciences, Augie Pets, and Biosint Nutraceuticals; although each company operates in its own unique domain. However, every group is responsible for the success of the other.

ALlifesciences is primarily an R&D company that is responsible for the design, development and standardization of the products. On the other hand, Augie Pet services the domestic pet industry, providing some of the worlds best pet food products and services; whereas Biosint Nutraceuticals is concerned with development of nutraceutical solutions.

The firm has a collective workforce of 120 people, each possessing in -depth domain knowledge, skill and experience. The firm is also looking forward to adding 200 new members in the coming days to level up its operation line.

Along with nutraceutical solutions, the firm AL Lifesciences now provides a wide basket of solutions that includes but is not limited to- antibacterials, paracitesites, pet food, and vaccines.

Vision for the Future

Incorporated in 2004, Biosint Nutraceuticals has witnessed continual growth in terms of geographical expansion and annual turnovers. Starting the business from Coimbatore, Dr. Ravi has successfully extended the company's reach to a pan India level, with turnover nearing 60 crore. Dr. Ravi has few key visions that will immensely affect the future of the company in the days ahead. The team is working to spread its wings to the market of Sri Lanka and Europe. To penetrate into the European market, Biosint Nutraceuticals has already attended a MoU with an Ukrainian company and is eyeing to start its operation for FY 2024.

Biosint Nutraceuticals is also working to introduce disruptive technologies like– Targeted Nutrition. With the help of cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, the firm is eyeing to deliver more precise and tailor-made solutions to its clients. According to Dr. Ravi, in the future, targeted nutrition will help the firm to understand the problem of each farm at an in-depth level, while simultaneously helping to reduce waste and promote AI aided operation.

The firm is further working to introduce new solutions for the poultry industry that help the farmers to attain better meat quality while controlling the fat levels of the birds. In the farm test, the team has received fruitful results; wherein the quality of the meat was exponentially increased. Furthermore, Biosint Nutraceuticals is also eyeing novel concepts like omega3 eggs that will shape the future of the poultry industry.

Presently, Biosint Nutraceuticals operate mainly in the B2B business model, with 90 percent of the transaction performed with the industrial clients and 10 percent of the business dependent on the D2C model. However, with the introduction of a domestic pets division including multiple products and services, the firm is eyeing towards attaining a 100 percent D2C operation model specifically for the pet section.

Manufacturing Chemical Free Products

Biosint Nutraceuticals strives to deliver a completely chemical free nutraceutical solution to its clients, ensuring no harmful side effects to the lifestock. Starting with selection of raw material to development of end products, the firm has established stringent quality control standards to ensure the production of 100 percent natural products. “We replicate human grade supplements into animal health, and this has been a key differentiating factor for our company. Our undivided attention has always been to deliver the best service and products to our clients", says Dr. Ravi Pachaiyappan, founder of Biosint Nutraceuticals.

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