Crittherbs Pharma: Nurturing The Ayurvedic Tradition To Create Exceptional Herbal Products

Dr. Aalap Shah, Managing Director

Dr. Aalap Shah

Managing Director

Home herbal products are a century-old traditional system of health care which is rooted in evidence-based science and is also one of the oldest medical disciplines. In today’s era, Ayurveda is not only restricted to humans but for animals as well- it has an important role to play in the aspects of nutrition, productivity enhancement and prevention as well as treatment of metabolic disorders. They also are used as growth promoters and productivity enhances without having the need to resort to antibiotics or other synthetic chemicals which may cause resistance, residual toxicity et al.

Uniquely positioned in this space is Crittherbs Pharma which believes in the ancient line of treatment of Ayurveda for the world of animals.

Currently in conversation with Dr. Aalap Shah, Managing Director, where we learn in detail about the company’s offerings and its journey to success.

How do you see the market for Veterinary Pharmaceutical products evolving in India? What are the major factors driving the growth of this market?
The Indian veterinary pharmaceutical products are evolving on an average of 9-10 percent per year. The India animal health market was valued at INR 67.83 billion in 2021. The market is predominantly driven by the approval of new products that can be used in the treatment of animal disorders. Currently, there is a serious rise in the prevalence of zoonotic diseases in India. This, coupled with the burgeoning veterinary pharmaceutical industry, represents one of the key factors that are bolstering the market growth. Also, since the dairy industry is animal-dependent, the Government of India is increasing investments in animal healthcare practices. This aside, both the government and various non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are undertaking research and development (R&D) activities in the field of animal health. In the market, there is a rise of new companies which are developing alternative approaches to animal healthcare like homoeopathy and Ayurveda.

What are the major expectations of customers from a manufacturer of Veterinary pharmaceutical products? How do you meet their expectations?
We believe in what A.P.J. Abdul Kalam had said, “You have to dream before your dreams can come true.” From the days when I was studying Homeopathy, I had a dream to do something unique in the field of veterinary and that moment arrived when Crittherbs Pharma was initialized in 2018. So far, our entire customer base is satisfied with our products and I would say I am happy with what we have accomplished so far, and there are many milestones to be achieved in the future.

Our major customers are veterinary doctors and farmers. The main expectation from them is that the products should be result-oriented, innovative and problem-solving. To achieve that, I go out in the field with my team, meet the doctors on regular bases, undertake technical discussions with veterinarians, understand their needs and provide unique solutions that no one else has offered. This has helped create an identity for myself as well as Crittherbs Pharma. Our mantra is “Opportunities don't happen. You create them”.

How is your company positioned in this segment?
We have two manufacturing plants which are WHO-GMP certified. We believe in producing quality products and ensuring that whatever we manufacture meets the high standards we have set for ourselves. As Crittherbs Pharma, we are manufacturing and marketing veterinary medicines and also marketing Human Herbal medicines throughout India. Our products are unique in terms of formulations. We have feed supplements as well as an injectable range for veterinary. In the upcoming year we are committed to provide unique products in both the veterinary and human segments.
Please elaborate on the wide range of products that you offer in the Veterinary pharmaceutical segment. Highlight its USPs and benefits.
Our products are unique in terms of formulations. They are result-oriented products that have proved to be helpful for our customers. Recently we have applied for a patent on one of our products and the initial review by the patent team declared that the product is unique, with no other similar formulations in existence.

What are the major differentiating factors that set you apart from the other players in this segment?
I go out in the field with my team, meet the doctors on a regular basis, engage in technical discussions with veterinarians, understand their needs and provide unique solutions that are currently not present in the market.

For this, we have received a lot of encouragement and appreciation from our clients which sets us apart from other players.

Tell us about the overall journey of the company. How has it nurtured itself over the years? Illustrate the growth it has observed in terms of revenue, clients, and geographical presence?
We started this company in 2018 and we are going very strong in the field. At Crittherbs Pharma, we believe that animals deserve the same care as humans. For that purpose, we promote the use of home- herbal feed supplement preparations, as these are safe and without any documented side effects as compared to modern animal health-care systems. Me along with my wife Dr. Jayshree Shah (BHMS, CFN, PGD PPHC) and sister Dr. Kruti Shah (BAMS, MBA) try to make formulations that will benefit veterinarians, nutritionists, farmers, product sellers, distributors and others.

Our mantra is 'Opportunities don't happen. You create them'

Dr. Aalap Shah, Managing Director

For veterinary products, we currently have 10 HQ running in Gujarat and Tamil Nādu and for the herbal Segment we are present pan India.

What is the future roadmap for Crittherbs Pharma? How is the company gearing up for the same?
We are planning to accelerate the growth of the company by opening new headquarters, providing unique formulations and increasing our presence in the market by advancing our Crittherbs family through our marketing team.

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