Masaya Pharmaceuticals: Making Its Mark In Pharmaceutical Industry In Eastern India

Debashis Haldar , Founder & Director

Debashis Haldar

Founder & Director

India's pharmaceutical business is pertinent in the global pharmaceutical industry. India ranks third globally in terms of output volume and fourteenth globally in terms of valuation. With a 20 percent share of the global market, the nation is the world's largest producer of generic medications and is the premier vaccine developer. India has a robust network of more than 10,500 manufacturing facilities, more than 3,000 pharmaceutical companies, and the most US-FDA approved pharmaceutical operations and qualified resource pool outside of the US. Over 50 percent of the world's demand for various vaccines is met by the Indian pharmaceutical industry, as is 40 percent of the US market for generic drugs and 25 percent of the UK market overall. The nation also possesses a sizable pool of scientists and engineers that might propel the sector forward and to new heights. Currently, Indian pharmaceutical companies provide more than 80 percent of the make this one word medications needed to treat AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) around the world.

Among the various market leaders, Masaya Pharmaceuticals, based in Kolkata, West Bengal, is a pioneering pharmaceuticals company catering to the unmet needs of millions of people in India. Constantly upgrading their facilities and technology used in formulating the highest quality healthcare products, Masaya has adopted Good Manufacturing Practices. Belonging to a crucial industry like Pharma, Masaya has established strict Quality control measures. Further, the marketing and digital team, and the authorized distributors are strategically located and supported by a Field Force. All of these measures allow the company to function smoothly and make its products available to all the people easily. Masaya understands the lack of innovation in the medical industry and the need to establish the same through concentrated efforts, the company aspires to achieve innovation in manufacturing of products which the nation needs right now.

Fulfilling Market Expectations Expertly

Masaya is a proponent of the importance of exceptional and distinctive products. Their dedication to excellence and client satisfaction is demonstrated by their quality management system. Masaya offers reliable and high-quality medical supplies and services. Being an Indian enterprise, Masaya takes satisfaction in knowing what's ideal for India's healthcare sector. “At MASAYA, our mission acts as an underlying principle to whatever we do. We will work 'Together for Happiness', our values and expectations guide our everyday actions and decision-making", says Debashis Haldar, Founder of Masaya Pharmaceuticals. The business aims to be an international company with cutting-edge and state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities and facilities, high-quality products and potency, marketing capabilities in important therapeutic areas through product differentiation and creativity, moral sales and distribution practices, and successful branding and promotional strategies.

Through well implemented technologies and policies, Masaya is leveraging its potential to achieve its goals. In terms of services, their Quality Management System is designed to continually provide their customers as well as the medical community with new health care products of the highest quality that give superior patient care, Masaya will prioritize research and development, embrace the most recent technology, and implement CGMPs. Masaya’s products are manufactured in GMP, ISO and HACCP compliant plants. The workforce at Masaya is motivated to provide trustworthy, high-quality healthcare products and services while offering exceptional and differentiating value of the products. Masaya Pharmaceuticals' dedication to producing high-quality goods and ensuring client satisfaction is clearly demonstrated through its quality assurance system. Additionally, the team takes satisfaction in knowing what the Indian healthcare business needs and providing it. The team has expertise working with the Indian market scenario and leverages this knowledge in assuring top-notch product quality.

When it comes to product range, Masaya Pharmaceuticals’ range of products currently consists of antifungal, anti-allergens, complete moisturizing solutions, and Demelanizing agents to get rid of pigmentation of all types. These products are suitable for all skin-types which makes them unique and innovative. Masaya is continually striving to increase its product range to include more innovative products to cater to the needs of the urban, semi-urban and rural regions of India. Its unparalleled research and development efforts have made it possible for the team to come up with unique formulations suitable for the Indian skin.

What differentiates masaya from its competitors is that masaya upholds its core values of putting doctors first, exhibiting compassion for others, operating honorably, and conducting business openly

Debashis Haldar , Founder & Director

What differentiates Masaya from its competitors is that Masaya upholds its core values of putting doctors first, exhibiting compassion for others, operating honorably, and conducting business openly. We take great pride in our dedication to making a difference in people's lives by offering them distinctive and unique Brands. “We have taken the pledge of spreading miles of smiles in India through our innovative products, quality and customer satisfaction", adds Debashis Haldar. As a result of these effective measures, Masaya, despite beginning in just 3 territories, has now expanded to reach 80 percent of its targeted customers in the East in a mere 12 months. Through the combined efforts of various stakeholders, the company has been able to grow 1400 percent in the short span and flourish effortlessly, and is now striving to create its presence throughout India by March 2023.

Future Plans

Future projections predict that the pharmaceuticals business will expand steadily as a result of growing awareness about personal health, and rapid advancements in the medical domain. “We do what is right for our customers, employees, communities and ourselves. We value teamwork, working together to achieve common goals is the foundation of our success", further adds, Debashis Haldar. Through its solid market connections, the organization is well-positioned to comprehend the shifting needs of the market. Masaya therefore intends to continue its geographic expansion, starting with Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Vietnam, and Cambodia. The company is also putting robust systems and processes in place, assembling a digital marketing team, and automating distribution. Capability building of Field force and setting up strong processes and systems is another area of focus for Masaya.

The organization is eager to work with partners in a variety of industries, such as marketing and manufacturing. Masaya intends to choose third-party manufacture on a P2P or Loan License basis for its cutting-edge products and is interested in partnering with businesses possessing innovative formulas and product portfolios for marketing. In the field of Manufacturing, Masaya has set its sights on partnering with companies that have WHO GMP manufacturing facilities while in the field of marketing it is focusing on acquisition or forming tie-ups with third-party marketing vendors with expertise in the healthcare sector. Additionally, the company is also expanding across verticals and is actively recruiting suitable individuals for various roles.

Debashis Haldar, Founder & Director

He is a success-driven professional with 32 years of experience in lead­ing activities related to Brand De­velopment/Management, Business Expansion, P&L Management, Sales & Marketing, Team Management & Leadership. Having excellence in conceptualizing and executing in­novative promotions to enhance brand visibility and conduct fea­sibility/profitability analysis in coordination with the marketing team and external agencies. Skilled in maximizing revenue opportu­nities by achieving the set target through effective forecasting, pric­ing, finance management & optimal market business mix. The company is managed by Animesh Mallick (Co-Founder & Director), a success­ful, experienced and highly praised sales leader.

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