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Abhishek Jhingan, Founder

Abhishek Jhingan


According to estimates, the size of the worldwide healthcare consulting market would increase between 2023 and 2028 at a CAGR of 11.4 percent, reaching nearly $45.7 billion by 2027. Within India, this sector is still in its infancy and presents many opportunities for growth. The market demand is also expected to be fuelled by rising degrees of digitization in the healthcare industry, increasing adoption of analytics and cloud services, and soaring demand to cut healthcare costs. Aovantage, founded by Abhishek Jhingan, a seasoned professional bringing over two decades of experience in this domain, offers a world-class process of strategy creation and thereby provides solutions to clients, particularly in the pharma and healthcare sectors.

Aovantage has three broad offerings - new launch planning, high-growth brand planning, and strategic marketing capability building. The firms’ solutions are built on insight-driven strategy development, which results in strong yet simple action plans that help businesses succeed in the market. Their process of consulting works best with clients who are prepared to invest in market research, comprehend customer behavior, and assess the pertinent competition. The team for each project is assembled depending on the requirements of the customer in order to provide swift, bespoke solutions for the client.

“I believe our differentiator is based on three pillars – a strong process to create a winning strategy & actionable plan to win, clients who are willing to unearth insights to win in the market and nimble teams created to execute projects in line with our customer’s requirements. Our work is results focused – the output is geared to helping our clients in overcoming their specific market challenge, be it a new launch, achieving market beating growth or capability building”, shares Abhishek Jhingan, Founder- Director, Aovantage.

To achieve outstanding results each time, Aovantage follows a time tested and detailed approach. Starting with understanding the needs of the customers to determining their particular requirements and challenges, the team moves on to deliberating with key stakeholders and domain experts to create a proposal for the client. Following this, various discussions take place, post which solutions are implemented in the project and the results are delivered as per the determined timelines.

The varied teams created as per the specific project are one of the unique features of Aovantage. Gig teams are made in collaboration with other partners depending upon the needs of the clients. Consequently, Aovantage can put together any skill that the project needs. This flexibility and nimbleness allows the team to find myriad solutions to almost any type of challenge.

“At the heart of our consulting is a strong process for creating a marketing strategy. The paramount goal is to provide a strategy backed by strong action plans that provide positive results for our clients. This focus on what we call ‘effective marketing strategy’ is the most important reason for the success of our service”, further shares Abhishek.

Given the nascent state of consulting in the PHARMACEUTICAL & healthcare sectors, Aovantage has ample head room to grow with its current services offered

Abhishek Jhingan, Founder

Journey & Future

Aovantage has experienced a journey of learning and adapting, and the business currently anticipates strong traction for its ideas. The team spends time developing a client-focused strategy that benefits their customer’s brands and businesses, which has resulted in a consistent stream of new clients for the firm.

Geographically, while expansion within the country is an obvious path being explored, Aovantage is also seeing a lot of interest from companies outside India – both for international work and also for India focused go-to-market strategies for healthcare brands. This is certainly an area of expansion for the firm. Apart from this, given the nascent state of consulting in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector in India, Aovantage has many opportunities to grow with its current product line.

In light of this knowledge, Aovantage has developed a solid framework for its marketing strategy that can be used to support teams in launching new brands, expanding their market share many times over, and improving their strategic marketing thinking. In order to assist businesses and marketing teams to succeed, the firm collaborates with them as partners. In the years to come, the company hopes to steadily expand by enhancing its services while adhering to the core principles of marketing.

Abhishek Jhingan, Founder, Aovantage

Abhishek Jhingan, Founder of Aovantage brings over two decades of experience to the table. His extensive and diverse exposure to the industry empowered him to start his own company. He loves collaborating with companies to develop plans that will help their brands and businesses achieve new heights, and through Aovantage, he brings his passion to life.

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