Tineta Pharma: Best Veterinary Pharmaceuticals Company, Healthifying Animals For Better Future

Pradeep Verma, Vipin Chandan & Shareekant Inamdar, Directors

Pradeep Verma, Vipin Chandan & Shareekant Inamdar


The veterinary market in India is growing by leaps and bounds as consumption of animal-origin products like milk, meat, and wool, among others, is increasing at a healthy rate. Most of these commodities are moving from discretionary to necessary categories. As animal-based products are gaining immense prominence, farmers or businesses are looking to enhance the nutrition and health of animals through medicines and supplements. Veterinary medicines are important for growth and maintenance; they provide energy in just the right way. Veterinary pharmaceuticals not only give animals the energy they need to work and function properly, but also the energy they need to reproduce and produce the best product possible. With a primary focus on delivering innovation and adding value to animals through best-fit technologies, Tineta Pharma is a renowned veterinary pharmaceutical company in India. Tineta Pharma Pvt Ltd., which was incorporated in 1995 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, thrives on the motto ‘Satisfaction through Innovation’ and is well known for its unique products and many ‘First in India’ launches. The company has extensive coverage in 15 Indian states, which is serviced by a highly trained and dedicated team.

In an interview with Pharma Industry Outlook, Shreekant Inamdar, founder, and Director at Tineta Pharma shares his insights on the company’s value proposition, and the quality services it brings to the market.

How has been the journey of the company since its inception? Walk us through the growth it has received in terms of clients and geographical expansions.
Tineta was established in 1995 by three professionals in Mumbai. After working for a year in Maharashtra and Gujarat, we began expansion in Uttar Pradesh. Punjab and Haryana were also launched shortly afterward. Encouraged by the responses, we expanded into other states such as Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, West Bengal, Bihar, and others. In 1995, when only human pharma companies' offshoots were ruling the veterinary market, we were the first few to venture with an exclusive cattle medicine portfolio. The success of Tineta Pharma has prompted a lot of professionals in this field to start similar companies and generate employment and expand their market.

Today, Tineta has a network of around 300 sales personnel, 14 distribution stock points, and around 1500 stockists in 15 states of India. The goods manufactured at six different locations in India are distributed with the help of this network. Custom-designed software is used to provide top service to this distribution and sales force network.

Tineta Pharma Pvt Ltd. is a promising growing company in the field of Veterinary Pharmaceuticals & Feed Supplements. Our objective is to offer products and services that conform to the highest standards. Impeccable quality standards are a built-in feature in the manufacturing processes. We wish to have a keen sense to understand the user’s needs and believe in providing products with a holistic approach. This necessitates newer formulations. We, thus, promise satisfaction through innovation.

What are the major problems and expectations that customers have from the players in this segment? How do you strategize to meet those?
The common problem faced by reputed national players in the industry is that too many local players have non-standard products. In addition, the lack of a distribution network and the inability to reach and educate the customers in remote areas are other factors hindering their growth. However, with rapid developments in the reach of the internet and smartphones, digital marketing is the way to tackle these problems in the future. The very little research activity by Indian veterinary colleges in discovering new exclusive veterinary products is also one of the reasons affecting the growth of the market.

Our objective is to become a leading veterinary pharmaceutical company by delivering quality veterinary pharmaceutical products at affordable prices

Pradeep Verma, Vipin Chandan & Shareekant Inamdar, Directors

With result-oriented and innovative products, Tineta is well poised to address the existing challenges and grow in the coming years. The company has taken initiatives to reach consumers directly and offer regular services to veterinary practitioners to improve the reach of its products and gather better market share.

Led by three stalwarts in Veterinary marketing with 30 years of experience each, Tineta has an excellent team of Veterinary Business Officers and Managers. The team is well trained and is known for their rigorous, disciplined, and professional work regime. Their work has made Tineta a leading brand in the realm of the large animal segment. To ensure Tineta products are of top quality, the company sources the standard raw materials from reputed Indian companies and well-designed manufacturing processes; they also perform regular vigorous quality checks.

What are the key points that differentiate your company from other players in this segment?
As one of the fastest-growing veterinary pharmaceutical companies in India, Tineta’s mission is dedicated towards
quality products at affordable costs. Our purpose is to help animals live longer, healthier, and happier lives. We also place emphasize result-oriented, innovative formulations, which gives us a competitive edge. A clean and systematic business process also keeps all our associates very satisfied.

We have acquired the best team, which is highly committed to achieving the assigned task. Our team includes quality experts, marketing representatives, and a skilled workforce. They maintain good coordination with each other to provide superior quality products and stand by their clients’ satisfaction. We also provide the best infrastructure, frequent training sessions, and the latest quality updates to our team.

Where do you see this market in the near future? What is the future roadmap for your company?
We see extremely strong growth in this market in the near future. International companies with innovative products are showing interest in this growing and exciting market. Due to the unique nature of the Indian market, we foresee collaborations by these companies, thus increasing the market. Our objective is to become a leading veterinary pharmaceutical company by delivering quality veterinary pharmaceutical products at affordable prices.

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