Roomi Consultancy: Bringing Marketing Consulting & Corporate Training Services Under A Single Roof

Dr. Sufi Ayaz Roomi, Marketing Consultant & CorporateTrainer

Dr. Sufi Ayaz Roomi

Marketing Consultant & CorporateTrainer

Given the severe competition that currently persists across all industries, marketing, and branding have become key ingredients for every company’s success story. However, one must be very clear about their target customers, their requirements, and other critical aspects while formulating a marketing campaign; let it might have a very adverse impact on the company’s brand image and customer relationship. This is very much true since indus­tries like pharmaceutical and healthcare, where even ir­rational medical communication in the marketing content can cause heavy losses for businesses. As a result, phar­maceutical marketing consultancies are in great demand due to their vast experience and clear understanding of the industry.

Roomi Consultancy is one such pharmaceutical marketing services firm that has created a position for itself in the market by setting high benchmarks for other companies in the industry to follow. Incepted in 2016 by Dr. Sufi Roomi, Roomi Consultancy is a marketing consultancy & training firm based in Mumbai and Hyderabad that offers customized & industry-specific solutions that satisfy every client's needs across pharmaceutical, healthcare, and veterinary segments. “We are a marketing consultancy and corporate training firm. As of today, there are only a handful of companies in India that offer both these services under a single roof. Under marketing consultancy, we formulate marketing strategies and assist our customers in executing these strategies. On the other hand, under corporate training, we train our clients’ teams on various aspects such as executing the strategies for efficient people development, having a clear understanding of their portfolio and communication skill while interacting with their customers”, says Dr. Sufi Roomi.

Solving All Pharma Marketing Challenges

While many pharmaceutical businesses want to enhance their execution, productivity & profitability through brand building and people development, there exists a lot of gaps in the segment, making it difficult for them to make the most of the opportunity. Roomi is helping them to understand the content, communication, and how to differentiate themselves in the market. The company is enabling the pharma business to stand-out in the market by having a clear understanding of the therapies, giving them the best strategic intent, providing the right patient population, and accordingly crafting a message, running a campaign, and creating awareness of diseases and the pharmaceutical brand building activities. As for People Development is concerned, it has a set of time-tested training modules for sales development, leadership transformation, and selling skills for execution, which it accesses periodically and guides them to work on areas that need improvement.

For Corporate Training, Roomi identifies the need of the organization and accordingly segregates the training for the sales team, leadership, marketing, CRM, performers, non-performers, new managers, and existing experienced managers. This segmentation has really been helpful for organizations in their decision-making process. The company also has stringent quality control processes in place like a check, rechecking, and proofreading, along with an in-house team of medical experts for validation of scientific points. Roomi also has access to medical journals & external prescription data for authentication & validation. Additionally, the firm also assists its clients with Competitor Metrics Analysis, wherein it enables them to bridge the gaps that exist in their service offerings.

We come up with strategic analyses & recommendations by providing customized brand training, brand communication, & brand solutions also helping our clients for building brands & developing people

Dr. Sufi Ayaz Roomi, Marketing Consultant & CorporateTrainer

The main pillars of strength for Roomi are its management team and other team members, wherein Dr. Sufi himself is a Marketing Consultant & Trainer with 14+ years of experience in the product management team in the Pharmaceutical industry in Gynecology, Critical Care, Nutraceutical, Pediatric, Ortho, Respiratory and Chronic segments as Business ahead in top corporates in India. The team at Roomi comprises marketing consultants, medical experts, strategic advisors, graphic designers, Proofreaders, and content writers who all possess profound industry experience and are subject matter experts.

“We consider Brand Design and Corporate Training as our flagship services, wherein under Brand Design, we assist our clients with proper content, communication, and creating differential factors by leveraging tools like visuals aids, LBL, and other marketing campaigns. Unlike other design firms, we are a medico marketing design firm, wherein we design every marketing strategy only after referring to the medical team. A major USP of ours is that we design with validation, i.e. we validate the content part first and then accordingly position the brand”, Dr. Sufi Roomi further explains.

Roomi has achieved significant milestones and received seven national awards since its inception.

Our Awards & Achievements are

· Brand Retainership: 1500

· Clientele Base: 150+

· Designed Pharma Brands: 2500+

· Received National Awards: 7

· Satisfied Client: 150 +

· Trained Professional: 36500 +

· Conducted Workshop: 1000+

· MDP’s conducted: 125+

· Years of Experience: 15 years

Office Locations: Mumbai & Hyderabad

Major ones among them include ‘Unnati’ for new medical representatives, ‘Pragati’ for new managers, ‘StepUp’ for leaders, ‘Parivartan’ for product management teams, ‘Junoon’ for non-performers and ‘Sathi’ for head office executives.

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