Scientific Pharma: A Niche Service Provider Taking Indian Pharma Segment To Global Glory

Wahab Murudkar, Founder

Wahab Murudkar


With various reforms and policies, the Indian government is supporting the pharma industry. Recognizing its growth, we studied this industry segment in-depth and embarked on Scientific Pharma as a new-age company striving to excel in this field with an innovative approach. Having proven their dedication to quality and end-to-end addressal of customer requirements, the company stands out from the crowd in the Pharma space.

The founder of the company, Wahab Murudkar is a skilled leader in the industry carrying over 25 years of experience in Healthcare as a pharmacist. Leveraging his experience in the Ministry of Health Oman & KSA, he showcases mastery with their shrewdness, vigilance, and competence that can tap the potential of pharma and make his ideas a reality. This inspirational maven is spinning unprecedented breakthroughs that will future-proof the Indian Pharma Distribution segment.

In an exclusive conversation with Pharma Industry Outlook, Wahab Murudkar shares interesting aspects of his journey. Kindly pursue the valuable nuggets from this meticulous leader.

How do you see the market developing in India?

The market is huge, in fact, the Indian pharma industry is ranked third with a value of approximately USD 50 billion and supplying medicines to over 200 countries in the world. Moreover, we supply 50 percent of vaccines to the global demand when it comes to COVID. The pharmaceutical industry is undergoing rapid growth and the expanding ecosystem is creating a demand for companies that can play the crucial role of taking the products to global geographies.

While pharmaceutical companies focus on research and development of advanced medicines and pharma products, we take charge of ensuring that the medicines reach the doctors, and through them the patients who are looking for the best treatment. Companies these days follow the exceptional protocol of distribution which helps them to market their finished goods and provide exemplary benefits to their associates. This is a win-win situation for both the company as well as for the investor. With benefits like a good profit margin, monopoly rights, promotional support, and others, it has become a lucrative business. The scope for us seems to be great as the demand for quality and affordable healthcare products is quite high and expected to further increase in the future.

What incited your entrepreneurial foray into the Pharma industry?

I never expected to get into this business. However, I was a hospital pharmacist in the Ministry of Health Oman and aspired to do something for patients’ safety. My work experience taught me a lot and I gained immense exposure in terms of dispensing for inpatient and outpatient pharmacies, assisting the team of clinical pharmacists, and stores as well. In November 2020, when our contract came to an end with the Ministry of Health, I came back to my hometown, Mumbai. Honestly, I wanted to take advantage of the market here while meeting my aspiration to serve in healthcare. I wanted to do something in this flushing space and that marked my entrepreneurial journey.

Share the inception story of Scientific Pharma.

When I came back to India before the second spike of Covid, my friend who started the pharma business earlier was witnessing an immense boom in terms of turnover. I took over six to seven months to analyze the market at my friend’s office. While partnering with a couple of my friends, followed by a thorough survey and research, we started the company focused on some specialized injectables for OT, ICU, and CCU. We are now on the path of creating a niche for ourselves.

We aspire to connect globally & export our pharmaceutical products at the best & most affordable rates, to bring you ease & quality of life

Wahab Murudkar, Founder

How is Scientific Pharma positioned in the pharmaceutical distributors market?

Scientific Pharma is a wholesale distributor of medicines like Anesthesia, (Licensed in Narcotic Drugs & Psychotropic Substances and Schedule X) and other injectables for ICUs, CCUs, Casualty Range, Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Health centres, and Crash Cart Trolley in government and semigovt sector as well. We are in the business of supplying and maintaining crash cart trolleys with essential medicines and injections through annual maintenance contracts (AMC) or comprehensive maintenance contracts (CMC) with hospitals. This is a crucial aspect of life-saving efforts in emergencies in the casualties, OT's, ICU ,CCU, MICU, NICU & other EMS services of Hospitals & Health centers.

We are just a year-old brand, new and growing while we work in collaboration with Professional teams and trade as per WHO guidelines to ensure patient safety and to bring a difference in patient’s life. Our mission is to reach each and every part of the world providing affordable and quality medicines to achieve better health outcomes and higher quality of life. India is hailed as the ‘Pharmacy of the World’ and we aspire to connect globally and export our pharmaceutical products at the best and most affordable rates, to bring you ease and quality of life.

Today, we vouch for the WHO’s World Patient Safety theme that says 'Medication Without Harm' with a call to action to 'Know, Check & Ask. To achieve the same, we are keen on the 6 patient safety goals provided by WHO; which has also launched a patient safety Programme focused on the Decade of Patient Safety – engaging and empowering patients and families while facilitating their partnership with health professionals and policymakers to make health care services safer worldwide.

Moreover, apart from our core service, we are also available for our associated in case of any info-help in terms of clinical pharma like dosages and side effects. This will be soon launched as a function of the company. We envision foraying into the production of unique ophthalmic drops along with nutraceuticals and furthermore products in near future.

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