Alibaba Biotec: Making Difference Through Innovation & Quality

Paramasivan Chinnathambi,  Owner

Paramasivan Chinnathambi


As we are continuously discovering a path for a healthier future, the growth of the global pharmaceutical manufacturing industry is projected to increase at a CAGR of 11.34 per cent from 2022 to 2028, reaching the whooping valuation of USD 957.59 billion from USD 486.62 billion in 2021. India is one of the major markets that strongly attest to the growth of the pharma industry, as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers. While we are currently valued at $49 billion, the gauge is expected to increase 3x by reaching $130 billion by 2030 (according to Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance (IPA)). Evidently, technological intervention and more efficient, less expensive manufacturing methods are propelling a great transition. Additionally, the growing demand has significantly benefited from rising investments and the entrepreneurial community in the industry.

In our efforts to honour some businesses that are redefining this market, we embarked on Alibaba Biotec. Beyond looking at this as a business choice, the company is making umpteen efforts to make life-saving differences. The company has been excelling in this field with their innovative approaches. Having proven its dedication to quality and timely delivery, Alibaba Biotec stands out from the crowd. In an exclusive conversation with Pharma Industry Outlook, the founder of Alibaba Biotec, Paramasivan Chinnathambi shares valuable inputs about the company and the industry.

How do you see the pharmacy industry evolving in India? What are the major factors that have been driving the market’s growth?

In the last five years, the pharma industry has witnessed phenomenal growth; we have up-reared to rank third in the industry worldwide. Especially the Covid period boosted the scale manifold while we became a globally leading producer and supplier of vaccines. Imagine the thrust we acquired as we (Indians) began to address 60 per cent of global market needs of vaccine. The reason for such marvellous milestones not in money/trade terms but also in terms of saving lives has been due to the dedicated organizations in the space. There has been a huge flow of investment into R&D, modernization of machines, understanding the concepts of the international market, and more.

What prompted the establishment of Alibaba Biotec? What has been the underlying idea behind the company?

We started the form with the objective to meet the medicinal needs of cancer patients. People were long-running behind the medicines that were not available, and we wanted to bridge this gap by making critical drugs accessible. We specialised in sourcing even the rarest medicines from any part of the world and delivering life-saving drugs on time, not only to the Indian market by internationally as well. We identify the needs of the patient, we supply the needed medicines to them, which is called the Named Patient Program – providing patients and doctors with access to drugs that are not available to them in their own country.

For any pharma products not available in India, think of Alibaba Biotec; we are here for you

Paramasivan Chinnathambi, Owner

What are the major expectations of customers from a company offering lifesaving drugs?

In healthcare, everything is time critical. Delivering the medicines on time from any corner is the biggest expectation; also a big challenge for us. Some medicines are only available in the US and Europe, which is hard to access and afford for our use because of the lack of official sellers. But we make such patented products or global medicines available for Indian patients.

The patients are indeed in a tough situation and their requirements should be met efficiently. Thus, we understand their basic condition and then plan to source according to dosage, therapy cycle, and availability (in whichever part of the world).

How is your company positioned in this market segment? Highlight the USPs.

We are proudly having a reliable presence across the world for delivering the rarest drugs at the fastest possible time. Successfully catering to the dynamics of the Pharma Industry with a wide range of medicines that are costeffective. We have a wide range of Products in Oncology (Cancer drugs), Nephrology and Hematology to name a few.

Our growth is mainly attributed to efficient and quality medicines. We believe in delivering lifesaving drugs at the most affordable rates to needy patients. This is possible only because we talk to the patients and doctors one on one and source the medicine efficiently with proper planning. We don’t just say yes or no to a project based on inquiry. Our efforts go deep, even till understand the financial capability of a patient. Also, we follow up until the medicines reach the patient's hands.

Paramasivan Chinnathambi, Owner,  Alibaba Biotec

Carrying over 32 years of industrial experience, Paramasivan started Alibaba Biotec in 2019. Despite entering a niche market for haematology and oncology, he leveraged his international networks and domestic tie-ups to step up the pharma game. The company is currently supplying to countries like Maldives, Oman, Dubai and Germany, and recently opened an office in Malaysia as well. Further, focusing on international tenders in partnership with local firms of other countries.

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