Global Pharma Tek: One Of The Leading Trading & Distributor Of High-Quality Pharma Raw Materials

Ramesh Anumolu, CEO

Ramesh Anumolu


The pharmaceutical distribution market in India is developing rapidly. Over the years, it has grown considerably, and India has become the major exporter of generic medicines, pharmaceutical raw materials, and other therapeutics. The country is also a key manufacturer and distributor of globally available vaccines. This market's growth is driven by several significant factors, with the pandemic being one of them. The demand for pharmaceutical products has increased due to the immediate need for medications and vaccines.

In the pharmaceutical industry, acquiring raw materials is crucial, and any hindrance in the initial stage can delay the production of finished therapeutics. Quality products from qualified suppliers providing verified accreditations of GMP and storage is a significant concern as quality tops over everything. At the same time, affordable pricing is a major concern as the economic aspect needs to be managed to make a profit. Moreover, fast and on-time delivery streamlines the production process; otherwise, it may lead to delays and sometimes failure of batches. Customers may need help with the products and after-sales support from the suppliers.

Global Pharma Tek addresses each of these issues with utmost care. The company’s supply management team dedicatedly works on the supply chain management in shifts, and its products are priced as per the current market standards. The team is cautious about providing ontime delivery, and its networks work on it efficiently. The company’s team members are available to provide support after sales to its customers too. Global Pharma Tek also addresses the concerns of its customers and solves them on an immediate basis.

Eyes on Excellence

Global Pharma Tek is one of the leading distributors of pharmaceutical raw materials. We have a global presence having our offices in the USA, India, Canada, and Europe. One of the major factors that set the company apart is its warehouse facility in Hyderabad and the Pharma Hub of India, which helps it land the best sources. “Our powerdriven established team has been into market research, quality assurance, and regulatory affairs providing detailed analysis and insights into the products with the market regulations for customers from different regions. We have a technology-driven database for the suppliers, which makes the work easier. This helps us to provide end-toend processes, from qualifying the product, marketing, documentation, logistics, and supply chain of it”, mentions Ramesh Anumolu, CEO, Global Pharma Tek.

Trading and distribution of pharma raw materials is the company’s flagship service. With its comprehensive services, the company aims to address the crisis facing the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector in terms of drug research and discovery. “We are committed to delivering Quality Pharmaceutical Raw Materials to Manufacturers for Therapeutic Therapies. And suppliers who work with our strategists can improve their market expansion into new areas and boost their sales to meet market demands. We have a distinctive strategy to address the pharmaceutical business's needs and criteria”, he adds.

Core Philosophy

At GPT, the team believes in understanding clients' unique requirements and working towards meeting their goals. Recently a top manufacturer from the MENA region contacted the company with his requirements. He was looking for a verified supplier in India for his products. Also, the expense was a factor to consider. He contacted Global Pharma Tek, and the company was able to get the best supplier within his price range. The company was able to meet the client's expectations within a short time.

“Our team is growing strong every day. We have the best and most experienced members working with us. The overall work of our team has been distributed for efficiency. The research team works on the market requirements and trends and supplier leads and follows up on that. Our documentation and quality assurance team provides products, insights, and data from reliable sources to our clients”, states the CEO. The supply chain management team collaborates with other departments, including the marketing and IT teams, and industry and technical specialists, to ensure that clients receive their services on time.

Future Endeavors

The journey of Global Pharma Tek is quite motivating and enthralling. The company has completed 12 years recently. From a start-up to a leading company, today it is a family of 300+ members, with a global presence branching to the USA, India, Canada, and Europe, exploring workforce staffing, clinical Research Services, and trading of pharmaceutical raw materials. “The future roadmap of our company is to expand globally as much as possible. We plan to expand extensively to various cities in India and across the globe and mark our presence. We are also working on our service portfolio. Apart from pharmaceutical raw materials, we are planning to supply herbal extracts, cosmetic formulations, and nutraceuticals”, concludes the CEO.

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