Grey Shades Innovations: Innovative, Creative, & Effective Brand Promotion

Namita Rane, Managing Director

Namita Rane

Managing Director

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in healthcare spending in India, which has created a demand for innovative healthcare products and services. As a result, the pharma and healthcare marketing industry, which includes advertising, sales promotion, market research, and branding, is booming. Digitalization, social media, and the COVID-19 pandemic have accelerated the use of digital platforms for brand promotion, thus facilitating the development of novel ways to reach customers and healthcare professionals even in the remotest locations. However, positioning a brand differently in the highly competitive Indian market can be challenging. Only an innovative tool or a new way of promotion can help a brand stand out and reach its target audience. Navi Mumbai-based Grey Shades Innovations helps pharma companies solve these challenges most effectively and creatively.

Grey Shades Innovations is a concoction of Grey, which stands for the grey matter in the brain or intelligence; Shades, which implies creativity; and Innovations, which denotes innovative and impactful ways of brand communication. As a pharmaceutical advertising agency specializing in creating concepts, brand-building activities, promotional designs, and digital marketing, Grey Shades Innovations aims to provide effective and value-added communication to its clients and help enhance their sales and productivity. The company offers innovative and effective solutions for brand promotion, patient education, and corporate image building.

“We also provide tools that help brands connect emotionally with users, which, in turn, boosts brand promotion”, adds Namita Rane, Managing Director at Grey Shades Innovations. “Our ability to cater to healthcare professionals as well as the internal teams of our clients, along with a scientific and creative approach, sets us apart from other healthcare marketing and advertising companies”.

Efficacy of Solutions & Client Engagement

Being client-centric and attentive to detail is a prime differentiator in any highly competitive market. Before launching new products or services, Grey Shades Innovations focuses on conducting thorough research and understanding client needs to ensure that the product or service meets the needs and expectations of the target audience. Besides, the company emphasizes pre-launch pilot studies, which further assist in testing the effectiveness and impact of the product or service and making any necessary adjustments before launching it in the market. Customizing products and services based on client suggestions and feedback enables Grey Shades Innovations to improve the quality and efficacy of its offerings and build stronger relationships with clients.

The client engagement cycle at Grey Shades Innovations involves a comprehensive and multi-individual engagement approach. Close coordination within the internal team helps ensure effective product delivery and meet client expectations. All departments seamlessly collaborate at every stage of the client engagement cycle, from research and development to pre-launch, launch, after-sales engagement, and feedback.

Grey Shades Innovations offers innovative and effective solutions for brand promotion, patient education, and corporate image building

Namita Rane, Managing Director

A Comprehensive & Diverse Team of Experts

Grey Shades Innovations is made of scientifically-driven, creative people, constantly striving for innovation. The team comprises a diverse range of professionals specialized in various areas of brand promotion, including graphic designers, animators, photographers, videographers, pharmacists, project managers, medical writers, digital marketers, web developers, paper engineers, product developers, and administrators. Grey Shades Innovations has also demonstrated expertise in providing innovative detailing tools and services, personalized and scientific inputs, and interactive patient education tools in different regional languages. Having a team of experts in multiple fields allows the company to offer a wide range of services and solutions that meet evolving client requirements.

 “Furthermore, my proficiency and experience as a pharmacist and former pharma marketer are invaluable in understanding client requirements and providing tailored solutions. My experience, combined with the skills of our team, has helped us grow in the highly competitive pharma and healthcare marketing space”, highlights Namita.

Growth & Future Roadmap

Grey Shades Innovations has grown and evolved from a small team of graphic designers to a diverse and specialized team of experts in brand communication and advertising. Besides launching new services, the company has expanded its client base to include pharma companies of all sizes from different parts of the country. Today, Grey Shades Innovations is proud to be the brand promotion partner to more than 25 top pharma companies and more than 60 small and mediumsized pharma companies across Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, and more. The growth and success of Grey Shades Innovations are a result of innovative product launches, combined team efforts, and the trust and loyalty of clients.

The Grey Shades Innovations team is committed to innovation and shall strive to gain expertise in every service segment. While continuing to provide more value to clients through innovative products, the company also aims to promote social inclusion and diversity. “We shall also keep encouraging individuals from all walks of life, including homemakers, differently-abled individuals, transgender persons, and more, to contribute to our journey in any capacity – freelance, part-time, or work from home. We believe creativity and innovation are a blessing in disguise and should be used to uplift our livelihoods”, concludes Namita.

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