Mediamedic Communications: Devising Impactful Communication Solutions For Positive Business Outcomes

Priti Mohile, Co-Founder & MD

Priti Mohile

Co-Founder & MD

The pharmaceutical and healthcare industries are expanding rapidly in India. The healthcare industry is quickly evolving into the preferred location for medical tourism, and the pharmaceutical industry is already a significant exporter to more than 200 nations. The penetration of healthcare services in Tier-II and Tier- III towns as well as rising household incomes and improved health awareness are additional factors driving market expansion.

MEDIAMEDIC COMMUNICATIONS is a pioneer and market leader in providing integrated communication solutions to the sector. It uses a strategy-first approach and provides digital, social media, and health PR to address marketing challenges. The company has delivered several successful projects giving business results to its clients that have won national and international awards. These projects took advantage of the firm's deep understanding of the industry domain, as well as the abilities for digital and PR outreach for the rapidly evolving products, devices, and diagnostic industry. To deliver these integrated services, MEDIAMEDIC has developed internal functional structures and collaborated with clients to develop communication strategies that are focused on India. Many of MEDIAMEDIC’s successful case-studies have been documented in multiple marketing books and industry journals.

MEDIAMEDIC COMMUNICATIONS offers services in brand & medical communications, health PR, digital & social media, and brand and medical communications Its goal has always been to use integrated media to address the main marketing challenges of the client so that the firm can better serve its clients and they can find a dependable marketing communications partner at one stop. Marketing that is both integrated and multichannel is urgently needed.  With an understanding of what will work in this regulated world, MEDIAMEDIC stands out by offering integrated communications services for the health and life science industry, associations, and institutions across media, direct to the medical customer, digital & social media, and press. To meet the specific requirements of clients in this market, the company has experts in strategy, marketing, digital, PR, medicine, nutrition, and creativity, making it a trustworthy partner in building health brands.

For any project's success, the development of strategy is essential. The co-founders of the agency- MEDIAMEDIC bring to the table the fundamental expertise and experiences that are specific to this industry. It has created procedures that permit the transfer of project deliverables within functional teams, and a learning environment where research is given top priority to ensure results, along with the checks and balances necessary to ensure quality. The company goes above and beyond to initially comprehend the client's needs. From its initial stage, MEDIAMEDIC provided conventional pharmaceutical marketing services.

MEDIAMEDIC has consistently developed capabilities in Digital & Social Media Marketing and healthpr, and offered expertise to our clients

Priti Mohile, Co-Founder & MD

After that, MEDIAMEDIC set itself apart by providing integrated services with a focus on digital and health PR. Soon after, MEDIAMEDIC was selected to be the network's exclusive partner in India for the independent health-focused agencies from around the world that makeup Global Health Marketing Communications (GHMC). From smaller clients, the company expanded to provide services to all the major national and international brands in pharma, healthcare, diagnostics, devices, CDMO, and related industrial players. Today, it offers services to large companies with offices in the west, the MENA region, and the Asia-Pacific region.

“In this collaborative environment, we want to forge close relationships with our clients to deliver useful, strategyfirst solutions that have an impact on their businesses. We are pursuing partnerships for technology solutions that benefit our clients' marketing communications. We are also working to expand our portfolio of international clients and improve our specialty healthcare sector support”, concludes Priti Mohile, Co-Founder & M.D, MEDIAMEDIC COMMUNICATIONS.

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