Medigrace: Leveraging Its Expertise, Innovation & Technology To Lead The Healthcare Marketing Service Industry In Central India

Brij Sarda , Founder & COO

Brij Sarda

Founder & COO

With more than 3000 drug companies and 10,000 manufacturing units, Pharma companies in India have started embracing branding and advertising services to both safeguard and promote their brand. With simplified & low entry barriers, the Indian Pharma & Healthcare sector has been experiencing stupendous growth over the years owing to various other factors, such as a significant rise in the number of chronic disease cases, growing awareness among the public for holistic wellness & healthcare, enormous manufacturing infrastructure, and many more. For the success of pharmaceutical firms, pharmaceutical advertising has a massive impact on consumer behavior and helps firms reach their client base through effective brand building.

Medigrace, established in 2007 by Brij Sarda, an eminent Pharma professional with more than 25 years of experience and expertise in the Pharma industry, is a Nagpur-based leading advertising communication agency for Pharmaceutical companies and medical professionals. The firm was established after identifying the vacuum of medico-marketing services for many growing Pharma companies, especially in Non-Metro towns. Leveraging its high-qualified team, expert panel, and partners, the firm has been offering its wide portfolio of services, a blend of innovation and creativity with contemporary knowledge, to its clients.

A One-Stop Healthcare Marketing Solution Provider

Amidst service portfolio, Medigrace probably is the only PMT service provider offering extensive & comprehensive range of healthcare marketing services that cover scientific assistance, branding strategy, design and printing services, training and development, digital and IT services, gifting solutions, as well as business consulting services, all of which are available under one roof to its clients. The firm is considered the pioneer and leader in providing full-fledged healthcare marketing services across India with greater penetration in the central region. What helps Medigrace stand out from the rest of its peers is the special assistance offered by the firm for developing & launching new products & tools.

Medigrace is probably the only PMT service provider in India, offering a wide range of healthcare marketing services under one roof

Brij Sarda , Founder & COO

Adopting Unique Brand Promotion Strategies

The firm provides various training programs ranging from leadership and analytical tools to medical science across all domains. Medigrace has recently integrated technology to enhance training effectiveness and data analysis. While the pharma marketing industry is generally perceived as a template-driven market, Medigrace has always ensured new and innovative approaches for communication and promotion. His post-graduation degree in Advertising Management from MICA, Ahmedabad enables Brij to see the pharma industry through an FMCG lens, making the firm strive for stories and campaigns for brand promotion.


Starting in 2007, Medigrace has come a long way over the years through its unique and remarkable campaigns as well as positive word of mouth. Apart from expanding its portfolio with additional services, such as making presentations, corporate videos & digital services to doctors and hospitals, the firm has both multiplied and magnified over the years with more clients across geography - from Pune to Kolkata & from Delhi to Bangalore. Medigrace has made significant strides in the healthcare industry by introducing several innovative products in India. Pioneering Vitamin K for treating Osteoporosis, Vitamin D in CHD-Diabetes, as well as Nutritional therapies for treating Hypothyroidism and Depression. The launch of these products has been a significant accomplishment for Medigrace, further bolstering its repute. What adds to the joy is that – along with the journey, many of Medigrace's clients have achieved stupendous growth in sales turnover. The firm provides services across Pan India Level and has clients from many states across India with a maximum client retention rate. Medigrace has also delivered their services in Nepal & Sri Lanka.

Future Roadmap

The vision of Medigrace is to raise the bar of respect for pharma personnel. The firm is working on a continuous online learning platform for field people as an e-learning module. Medigrace also has plans to diversify its services by setting up Market Research & Clinical studies. The firm is also working on Leadership, Productivity & Digital Training modules, which it plans to deliver next year as a leading offer to many giant corporates.

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