Kunal Pharma Distributors: Driven With The Vision To Make Quality Pharmaceutical Products Accessible To All

Jinal Jain, Prahlad Kumar Jain, Kunal Jain

Jinal Jain, Prahlad Kumar Jain

Kunal Jain

For drug manufacturers, pharmaceutical distributors are the critical link between products and the pharmacies, health care providers, and patients who need them. The market has been growing year on year due to changes in the lifestyle of people, an increase in affordability, the prevalence of chronic diseases, and more dependency on doctors and medication after Covid. The role of a pharmaceutical wholesaler or distributor is of utmost importance in the supply chain as it can add much value from procurement to managing all risks. A family-owned company with 30 years of rich experience, Kunal Pharma Distributors is an established pharmaceutical product provider specializing in Lifesaving Speciality Products and has diversified into many other verticals over the years. Adhering to disciplined policies and guaranteeing timely delivery of products, the company strives to provide the best healthcare environment for its clients.

As an established provider of pharmaceutical products, please elaborate on the wide range of products you offer.

Kunal Pharma is a major supplier of speciality products of renowned companies like Pfizer, Novartis, Johnson & Johnson, Boehringer Ingelheim, Duraent, Takeda, Grifols, Dr Reddy's, Astrazeneca, Bristol Myers Squibb and many more. With their prompt response and timely deliveries, the company also benefits the government institutes like Railways, CGHS, NGRI, ESIC, ESI, NTPC, and others. Being a direct distributor for many big MNCs, it becomes easy for a hospital to place an order from one place rather than depend on many others. Kunal Pharma is also importing lifesaving medicines that are not available in India on name patient basis and have been working on other verticals as well, one of the most important of which is Pharma Research. It works with Clinical Research Organisations all over India to supply products they require for their clinical trials. The company works with state and central government health departments to revamp existing medical infrastructure. It aims to develop better solutions for the modernization and upgradation of government healthcare centres, the commissioning of e-subcentres, and the installation and commissioning of Free Pathological services. Currently, the company is in almost all the corporate and government hospitals in Telangana, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu.

Tell us about the team of Kunal Pharma Distributors. How is your combined experience helping the firm to grow?

Kunal Pharma was formed in 1994 by Prahlad Kumar Jain, an academician, and all-rounder. Initially, being a school teacher, he established the company with a lot of struggle and hard work. His son, Kunal Jain, supported the business in growth, and Jinal Jain focused on the devices industry to improve sales and maintain customer relationships. Both have been constant pillars of support and strength as from 2011 till date, we have consistently grown in both revenues and creating new opportunities. Kunal Pharma operates with a highly skilled and professional workforce, which makes its services exceedingly competent. It not only focuses on having a clean environment but also on providing a friendly workplace. The company treats its team as a family and tries to give a transparent and healthy workplace nurturing a long term relationship with them. Considering employees as partners, Kunal Pharma provides training and learning to its dedicated team of professionals to grow with the company and have a better working relationship. A great team working on the same vision that the company possesses results in delighting its customers.

Please walk us through the overall infrastructure at Kunal Pharma. How is the firm leveraging advanced technology and techniques in its operations?

Kunal Pharma tries to give the best service by maintaining inventory, timely supplies, clean and compliant warehousing, and many other necessary factors. Its infrastructure also has a cold room where freezing temperatures range from 2-8 degrees to even minus 20 degrees, depending on the prerequisite for the product. Currently, the company has two branch offices located in Bangalore & Vijayawada. It also has a world-class warehouse with all SOPs to maintain the products in multiple temperature conditions. It tries to address any issue or feedback and provide an appropriate solution in the least time possible. It constantly strives to innovate and inculcate technologies like buying portable refrigeration systems for deliveries. Quality assurance is not restricted to its premises and extends to making the medicines reach the consumer or hospital with ease and care.

Kunal Pharma takes pride in its stringent ethics and systemized code of conduct, making it a known name in every healthcare segment

Jinal Jain, Prahlad Kumar Jain, Kunal Jain

What are the significant factors that differentiate your company from your competitors providing similar solutions?

Kunal Pharma takes pride in its stringent ethics and systemized code of conduct, making it a known name in every healthcare segment. It is an ISO 9001:2015 recognized company and follows GDP ethics. It always aspires to provide the best healthcare environment for the clients and provide quality and affordable medication quickly. The company’s strengths are its suppliers, with whom it has had a healthy relationship for a very long time, and its qualified and dedicated staff, without which managing these operations would have been complex. Financial stability, access to a wide range of products, better cost and credits, and innovation as per customers’ needs are some of the factors that differentiate the company from others. Its partnership with Depuy Synthesives Trauma-related products and Cook Medical with Gastroenterology-related products are the beginnings of exploring the market for other opportunities.

What is the future roadmap for Kunal Pharma Distributors?

Kunal Pharma is always looking forward to exploring good opportunities and doing thorough due diligence before starting any new relationship. It strives to grow its distribution business multifold by expanding into various other verticals yet to explore. It will continue to look for expansion in the devices segment and work with niche products. Currently, it is trying to grow in the northeast region and sees it as a potential market to enter and provide better health infrastructure. Kunal Pharma envisions a future where it is the best worldwide supplier of medical products of all superior brands and aims to become a globalized supplier and distributor of super speciality products.

Kunal Pharma Distributors

With a vision to deliver super speciality products with quality assurance, Kunal Pharma Distributors is leading the market through its timely delivery and efficiency. It drives its success by focusing on better serving the clients so that they always choose the company over its competitors.

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